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Sandpoint in 3D, Scale model.

Sandpoint in 3D, Scale model.

Am I over my head? :P

For those familiar with Paizos module Return of the Runelords, you probably know the city of sandpoint. If not, here is a link with the map on:

Making it on a 5' Square battlemap using something called "Sketchup", which is a 3D modeling (CAD) software :P

Started as an idea to use Sketchup to make some simple battlemaps to use on these forums, but then the little maniac in me whispered "Why settle for only the area the players are gonna have encounters in... why not sketch it ALL!"

the map linked witch im basing it on is about 1550 - 1600 Squares Wide and about 2000 squares long...

The start of this madness.

Uploaded with

Owch, it's doable. But going to take time. I'll keep an eye here =3 I'll see how sketch up holds up. I'm using it myself.

Good luck man =3

Yeah, i Think im gonna need it. The main problem i see atm migth actually be the number of squares im drawing for use as a Battlemap... Just by drawing the "buildings" surrounding the Town Square im noticing some lag as there is too much going on at the time on the screen.. but then again, those squares are what helps me also place the buildings as close to the Sandpoint map as possible... So it might end up not being a problem with neither my skills, my time, nor sketchup... but i got a computer thats crap basically :P

Gonna focus first at the Townsquare outside the Cathedral, and see how that goes.

I found that problem myself, the lag can get fairly bad and I've got a decently new computer. Not really sure what to surgest for that. Maybe just keep the details basic while your working on the layout?

Think my solution is to use Layers, A LOT!
Made the grid one layer, and the buildings on another layer. So when im done outlining the base of the buildings i can hide the Grid.

I'll probably also have to use different layers for different parts of town, As especially the southern part of Sandpoint is damn full with buildings.

And to make stuff a little bit easier, i'm not sure ill bother with elevations as of now....

That could be a plan. I have been using it to work on strongholds for 3.5 games. So next time I'll try the layers and see how it goes.


Almost done with the entire Northern Part of sandpoint, just have the "lighthouse" and the garrison and Town hall left, but im holding back on them until i figure out how to best make the terrain, as the northern part of Sandpoint seem to be on a highrise over the southern part.

Are you in over your head? Nah

Sketchup is a great tool, really fun to use. Building an entire town might take a while. But it can make some great results if you're patient with it.

If you want some good help, check out the SketchUp for Dummies book. It'll teach you a loooooot of tricks that will make your working easier (for example, setting it up so you don't need those 5' square grids to measure). It'll also teach you how to make reusable components so you don't have to make the same windows over and over again.

About a year or so ago, I made a scale model of Sigil's City Court in SketchUp using a lot of the techniques I got out of SketchUp for Dummies. Take a look! If you like, I can dig up the SketchUp file for this and send it to you so you can play with it.

The northern part is about 1/3rd of the town i estimate, but i think the lower part is gonna take a lot longer, due to the buildings being closer togheter, so its harder to find the correct angle of the different groups of buildings.

My first goal is to first finsih the town layout, im not going to bother with the buildings yet, but when i do, i plan to use layers to also model the interior of the building (Ground floor is one layer, and 2nd floor is another layer, allowing to actually view the inside as well). And the final project is crafting items to place inside the buildings :P

Probably quite a few months work to do it all though :P

Oh My god. Keep going with this! This has to be the single most epic thing I've seen pertaining to DnD ever!


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