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@Padre: Dearborn MI. huh, that's actually my hometown.

Wow. Talk about coincidence. My wife's family is from Grosse Point and I didn't want to pick that city due to the loose background I had scripted so I just picked a town at random on the other side of Detroit.

And yes, my character role is correct.

What are the chances.

And yes, my role is correct as well.

I, on the other hand, have never been to Michigan. But I have driven below it.

I'm in Georgia and one of my sons was born in Florida, so I have at least a passing familiarity of the locations I'm going to use.

Character sheet posted.

Selwyn, wasn't sure how much you wanted in the way of info for the personal connections so I just put down a name and relation. If you need me to add more, just let me know.

My wifey had surgery Friday. She feels good enough for me to go to work tomorrow, so I'll finish the intro post tomorrow night and we'll kick off on Monday.
Thank you for your cooperation. @


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