Path of Corruption

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Path of Corruption

Path of Corruption - Forum
Star Wars
Estimated Members Requested: 1

Ad closing: Unknown.
Spots open: 1 to 2 players (don't mind it saying 1 at the top)

In need of a technician (piloting, hacking, disable device, etc) type and a stealth/recon type of character, if you can build in both in the same character, even better.

A long time ago in a Galaxy far, far away.

It’s been a couple thousand years since the fall of the empire, the tales of the Emperor and Darth Vader has been forgotten by most.
Times changed and the new Republic had turned into a powerful military power, while the past had been forgotten, most of the lessons learned from it had not, they would be prepared for anything that would come or so they though, a new enemy came, in the form of a Jedi Master, former member of the Jedi Council, Master Hefaltz had spent countless years studying all sides of the force in search of a greater understanding of the force and life.
As the years passed by, he became more and more famous among the Jedi Order for his studies and theories on the Dark side of the force, on the Sith and their ways, what they didn’t know was his ambition.

Jedi Master Hefaltz started speaking of new leadership in the Republic; a Republic led by force users like himself, masters of both sides of the force, who knew about the force as a whole, he believed that it was the only way to protect the Republic truly. His ambition drove him and many Jedi’s who was inspired by his views to wipe out most of the Senate, taking control of it by the excuse that it had been corrupted, that every single member that had been killed was corrupted by greed or power.
A little over a dozen members of the Senate managed to get away in time, escaping while the remaining Jedi loyal to the Order tried to fight their brethren who had joined Master Hefaltz, it was not a fight that could be won, not against both the Jedi who had fallen with him and the armies at the Republic’s disposal.

In time the remaining Jedi who had stayed Loyal to the Order had to flee Coruscant, only a couple hundred Jedi’s left, the almost a thousand on Hefaltz’s side was an overwhelming force.
Now that Hefaltz forces no longer needed focus on the Jedi, he turned his focus to the Hutts, wishing to rid the world of their crime and dark influence on the world, he would give a reward to any man who could bring him the head of a Hutt, a great enemy Hefaltz made himself in that moment.
The increasing aggression from the Hutts and their mercenaries caused Hefaltz to once again having to focus his military power. In a desperate attempt the remaining living Senators met with Jorricha the Hutt and formed a alliance, the remaining Jedi loyal to the order were highly against this course of action but understanding the necessity for allies they pledged themselves to continuing to serve the Republic, the true Republic under the escaped Senators.
The reasoning for the Hutts to agree to such an alliance was obvious, the entire army of the Republic focused on the criminal underworld? Would be enough to take out every single one of the Hutts, especially now that the greediest of the Bounty Hunters would be aiming to get the bounty put on the heads of the Hutts.


You are a part of a Special Operations Squad made of a mix of Force users and Military specialists of the finest the Jedi and the Republic military had to offer, officially this Special Operations Squad doesn’t exist, only a handful of Jedi’s and members of the Senate know of its existence, every member of the squad has been declared officially dead and given new identities so they can work undercover . You received two messages, one from Master Hefaltz declaring your immediate return to Coruscant to join up against the remaining Jedi, so that the Republic can finally see true peace.
Another message is from Senator Gedaren saying you need to go to Korriban and meet him, being the one place Hefaltz find the most unlikely place to look for you, so you can get briefed on what happened, he also mentioned that Hefaltz had taken over the Senate and killed almost all of the Senators.

Choose your destiny, choose carefully.
Will you join the new Senate, aware of the dangers of a Senate of Force users, knowing the corruption the dark side of the force can have on people? Or will you stay true to the Senators of the Republic and fight to restore it as it was?

Game Description:

2000 years has passed, the stories of Darth Vader, Luke skywalker, The Emperor and the rest of the famous characters are now little more than tales of a time passed, many commoners forgot they even existed, the Republic has grown stuck in their ways and seem to have forgotten the dangers of the galaxy.
No Sith has been spotted for over a thousand years, most think they no longer exist, even some among the Jedi Order, but as we all know, darkness strike when least expected and in the most unexpected ways and forms.

You are a part of a small elite squad of force users and non force users working together, each of you have a specialty, a group only known of by select members of the Senate and the Jedi Council, your group are only there for 3 reasons: Weed out political corruption by any means necessary, hunt down renegade force users corrupted by the dark side and the last is take care of the missions even the commandos and Jedi fail on, you are the last line of defense, you are behind enemy lines before your brothers in arms are even at the frontlines, you are the peak of excellence.

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Interested. Are you familiar with Star Wars: Legacy? It takes places 137 ABY and has some interesting ideas. I particularly liked how the Imperial Remnant had formed a New Empire, which was co-existant with the New Republic. It might be worth looking into. Meanwhile, I'm going to see if I can dig out the old books. RCR was definitely my favorite version of Star Wars.

I'm familiar with the Legacy era, not quite as in depth as the old republic and the film era..

Non force users gain every focus, specialization and so on feats in a melee weapon if picking them with a ranged weapon and the other way around to give them a bit of versatility. Also all non force users gain the toughness feat for free.

What does this mean. Also are we using the saga edition

No we are using Star wars D20.

It means if you choose Weapon Focus : Blaster rifle and such, then they can on top of that, pick a melee weapon to get the weapon focus feat on aswell (And the other way around), this is to give non force users a bit extra versatility, pretty much getting melee specialization feats for free.
Also they just get the toughness feat for free.

K cool, that is what I thought. If I take force sensitivity as a solder do i still get that?

Before I post a character, two questions, how much money will we starting with, to see if I can play a used to be smuggler with his own ship or not. And where do you want us to post characters, here or in the character section in the forum.

Originally Posted by mack2028 View Post
K cool, that is what I thought. If I take force sensitivity as a solder do i still get that?
yes, but if you multiclass with any force using class, you lose the bonus.

Originally Posted by RadicalD View Post
Before I post a character, two questions, how much money will we starting with, to see if I can play a used to be smuggler with his own ship or not. And where do you want us to post characters, here or in the character section in the forum.
Applications should be posted in the Characters page on the forum.

In regards to starting wealth, I have no intended starting wealth planned, cause I was intending to let players pick what they wanted within limits.
A good rule to go by is:
max 1 unique item (A ship of your own would go into this, but a ship of your own isn't necessary, the group get one for free, a highly advanced military designed ship)
max 2 rare items
In regards to standard items, you can pick pretty much whatever you want within limits.
But really, use common sense, what would make sense for your character to have? Then write it down and I will let ya know if it's too much or if ya can pick more.


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