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Crusades RPG

Crusades RPG

I have two questions I am hoping you folks can help out with.

I have been inspired to look into a Crusades-based RPG. I have the old AD&D Crusades HB, and a few other games for inspiration, but I wondering if anyone knows of any other Crusades RPG?

Second question, would such a game be a good fit to be run on this site? The Crusades period is so very complex, and can deal with some very delicate issues, that I do not want to spend a lot of time preparing just to not run it because of those delicate issues.

Thanks in advance.

Steve Jackson Games recently published GURPS Crusades in PDF. GURPS is an awesome rules system for historical gaming.

Whether your game is a good fit depends on what sort of game you want to play: is it high-level (political intrigue) or low-level (battlefield action)? How grey is the morality of the players, and how desperate are the stakes for their side? "The Crusades" is too vague a description to give any definitive answer, much as if someone asked whether a WWII-era game would be appropriate.

As long as you gloss over the rape, torture, and other nasty bits (as some schoolbooks do, sadly), you should be fine. You'll have a hard time avoiding it completely if you want to keep the verisimilitude up, but you certainly don't have to get descriptive about it.

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