werewolf - it can't rain every day

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werewolf - it can't rain every day

It Can't Rain Every Day - Forum
World of Darkness
Ad Closes: Jan 3 '11
Estimated Members Requested: 4

Looking for 2-4 players. anyone interested should post here and discuss with me and among themselves what your relationship to each other will be.

Game Description:


Location- rural (owyhee) northern Nevada

Time- early winter December first

Concept- The players are young (15) people with there birthday quickly approaching. They share their birthday, and a mysterious mark on the back.

Character creation- standard NWOD characters, morality, no significant martial arts or supernatural powers, gun skills available. the characters are 15 with a birthday on December seventh, a week after the in game start.

There is some serious shit going on in that middle distance.
I've been interested since day one in the planning thread. Let me know what your looking for and I'll try to make a character.

I guess I'm a little confused. It's listed as Werewolf but you want Mortals?

Originally Posted by DandyRixon View Post
I've been interested since day one in the planning thread. Let me know what your looking for and I'll try to make a character.
just work with the other players to determine a group structurer based on what I have layed out, human teenagers 15 with a birthday in a week, a strange mark on the back (its a spiral between the shoulder blades), probably on the agressive side of whatever archetype they fit.

Originally Posted by floert View Post
I guess I'm a little confused. It's listed as Werewolf but you want Mortals?
yes, human mortal characters, to wit, werewolves before their first change.

Hm. I made a character; how do you want applications? I see a spot for them in the forum, but is there anything specific you are looking for, or just background/appearance/personality/character sheet?

that would work, i would like it if you discuss with the others here what your mutual relationship would be. But yea, that would be a perfect start.

Ok. Well, what I was thinking for the relationship is that our characters were likely to have known each other most of their lives; at least, those that don't have moving into town as children in their background.

I'm not trying to push anything on anyone, of course, if this isn't how the others see the relationships. But I was thinking that if they were all born on the same day, and they are from rural Nevada, they were probably either actually born in a hospital in a larger city in the area, or something; it wouldn't be likely to get too much attention, since lots of kids are born every day, but if they lived in the same small town, their friends and families would know about it. Perhaps everyone knows of a snowstorm or something that happened nine months before their birth? Perhaps they were the Snowstorm Kids, or something?

In small towns, everyone knows everyone. Depending on how small we are thinking about, there's probably only one school. There may only be one class for each grade. The characters all probably know each other simply from having grown up together. Most likely, everyone in their class invites everyone else in the class to every birthday party; by the time they left kindergarten, at the latest, they probably all knew of the birthday connection. But if all their parents know each other, it seems likely that they would have known even earlier; they probably went on playdates and such all the time.

As they grew up, of course things changed. Everyone tends to either grow out of old playmates, or just grow apart. They don't have to be friends, but they might still have that 'connection.'

My character, so far, is a 'lonely artist' concept; I have him as being a bit of a loner, due to his circumstances, but an easy friend. He isn't much of a fighter, but he is physically fit. His parents put him into gymnastics classes, and he is extremely musically inclined. If this sort of person would appeal to anyone else's characters, I don't mind having him be friends. Otherwise, they could just be acquaintances with this birthday connection. Or possibly they all have this 'Blizzard Kid' (or whatever) connection. What does anyone else think?

Well I was meaning post your concept "loner artist" in this case and discuss the nature of your inmate relationship with the other characters. Depending on how preceptive your characters are at least one of you will realize you are all adopted and you are all "friends" but weather you any of you are dating or best friends or a leader or the group bastard is what i wanted you to discuss.


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