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Deathwatch--The Emperor Protects

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Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay

Transcript of Watch-Captain Erich Bloodaxe's Audiologs.
Annotations: Inquisitor Isaac Samnite, Ordo Hereticus

High pitched whine, feedback through vox receiver

Watch-Captain E. Bloodaxe: Hello, hello? Is this contraption on? Never a Techmarine around when you need one. . ..

Three sharp raps of a finger against vox receiver

W-C: . . .well, warp it. I am sure future generations will survive if my grumblings are not of perfect audio quality.

Clears throat

W-C: That sniveling Rogue Trader Diaz Lan came calling at the Fortress today, begging for aid with the Aurum problem. It seems the Crusade has failed again to pacify that world and return its benighted inhabitants to the Imperium's fold. So they expect the Deathwatch to snap to, like obedient lapdogs.

Sound of liquid pouring. Presumably a horn of Fenrisian ale, knowing the W-C's proclivities

W-C: Of course, we will; Aurum is too valuable a prize to leave in the hands of ferals. But Lan and the Crusade must realize they cannot simply order the Deathwatch about. Three other Watch Captains contrived to refuse Lan the courtesy of an audience, though this was merely dissembling, as we caught wind of his desperation through our contacts within the Inquisition weeks ago. It was decided then that I would receive the beleaguered Trader, as befits my well-deserved reputation for magnanimity and my infinite patience for the quibbling requests of His Holy Majesty's less illustrious servants.

A noisy guzzling, followed by a satisfied sigh.

W-C: I sent him scuttling away with a firm, clear "maybe". . .which is of course a yes. I want to let the little rat to sweat it out a bit more, though he is more like to freeze in the cold-weather range I sent him to. My kill-team will meet him there to finally, formally offer the Deathwatch's aid in this miniature quagmire.

Muffled hiss and clang of a metal door sliding open.

W-C: Ah, speak of the daemon, and he obligingly arrives. Come in, Battle-Brothers. I have a mission for you.

For decades, the proud warrior peoples of Aurum have resisted reintegration into the Imperium of Man. Now a series of murders and unexplained deaths has brought the tensions between Imperials and natives to a head. Desperate to acquire the world, the Achilus Crusade turns to the Deathwatch to discover the source of these deaths and remove the threat to the Pax Imperium.

You are a Battle-Brother, an Angel of Death, a Space Marine. Your orders are simple: cleanse whatever evil plagues Aurum, and return people and planet to the Emperor's Grace.

Oh hell yes.

Interested, as per the planning thread. Just adding a subscription.

Posting interest. So what if I have an exam on Wednesday this is by far more interesting.

Posting massive interest, thinking, in honor of Skyrim, that I will play a Space Wolf. Seems fitting.

Edit: Do you mind if I have a common-craftsmanship cybernetic eye? There is both an image and a back story I greatly wish to use for this.

@Nasdaq: you could always take the deed 'Price of Victory' it cost no xp and grants 2 best-craftsmanship cybernetics except for Servo Arm, Servo Harness, MIU, or Augur Array, but it does mean the permanent loss of 1 Fate Point though.

Yeah, but there is another Deed I intended to take, and I want it to be an obvious an relatively normal cybernetic eye.

Incidentally, I used Blatant Thievery on Vox's style. :P

Originally Posted by Nasdaq View Post
Edit: Do you mind if I have a common-craftsmanship cybernetic eye? There is both an image and a back story I greatly wish to use for this.
That's fine, you'll just have to pay the 15 requisition at the start of the mission for the eye. Alternatively, you could just fluff it in and have the bionic eye without any of the in-game benefit (no addition to toughness bonus on head location).


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