New Method of Character Creation and Advancement

I was considering a system that worked kinda like Oblivion (the Elder Scrolls video game) and only really covers advancement and creation - everything is more or less free form, except for combat, which is pretty simple and largely dependent on what's involved (to fit with a free form theme).

Character creation is fast, just assign primary attributes, and choose a speciality. When you advance, you choose perks from a forest (a forest contains perk trees, hence why it's a forest) that's appropriate to what you've been doing for the past few adventures.

I'm considering allowing GMs to invent pretty much everything specific to a setting. The only thing that remains constant are the basic rules.

The heirarchy of perks helps GMs categorize them for their own games and settings.

The system above allows players to invent their own perks too, provided the GM approves (and then sets them into a tree; although they can let players learn right off the bat too). If players invent a background, the GM should create an associated speciality.

While character creation is simple, leaving the GM to customize the game to the player experience, however, can lengthen the process as the players have to sit and wait for the GM to write and compile things and/or brainstorm with them.