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Sleep spell D&D 3.5

Sleep spell D&D 3.5

Is it possible to have the sleep spell effect the following character levels 10,15,20 through the use of any non-homebrew means.
if you use a race,class,feat or item can you post the book and page number


I'm not entirely sure.

I know some people change it to were it effects 4HD of creatures +1 per 2 levels to a maximum of +6, but even that is slightly homebrewed.

As casters were designed as power houses in the later levels illusion and enchantment spells tend to just be throw away slots for those spell slots you jsut cant deside how too fill.

I know colour spray has a simular effect and if you REALLY want to put those HD 10 or fewer creatures you use Deep Slumber which is a stronger sleep spell, as well as Symbol of Sleep which is basically a trap version of Deep Slumber.

As far as HD 15 to 20 creatures, short of using dominate and charm spells and asking them to take a nap, nope.

Hiss of Sleep, from the Spell Compendium, has no HD cap. It also lets you choose targets rather than manifesting as a spread, so there's no need to worry about tagging your allies with it.

As far as the Sleep spell itself, no, there is no way to get it to affect any creature with 5 or more HD.

Some of us, and by some of us I'm including me, don't have the Spell Compendium and perfer to just use the SRD. (I have issues with how they balanced spells in the Compendium either way.)

Deep Slumber has a cap of 10, and I do believe there's a feat somewhere to add +3 to the HD caps of various spells, sleepers included (though that may be Dragon material).

And Cnyperos, I assure you, the vast majority of the game's most broken spells are in the PHB. (Hello, Polymorph.) Spell Compendium ain't breaking that balance any worse.

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Example in point.
(a +5 mithral buckler provides a +6 shield bonus to ac)


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