Oleg's Trading Post

Oleg's Trading Post

You emerge from the forests, out in the distance you see Oleg's trading post, the promise of a good meal just within reach, if only a good bath could also be available you'd be set. Oleg offers shelter but the outpost is getting crowded fast, the need for expansion might be more urgent than expected.

Once you arrive you notice that Oleg's not aloge, a couple of new guards patrol atop the walls and some semi permanent tents have been set up. Another man carefully and dutifully sets and adorns a shrine, it looks like other folks have come searching for their fortunes, Oleg's busy planning what could be guessed are some renovations already while Svetlana is quickly at work cleaning her porch.

Brunhilde Thundercry

"Looks like Oleg's is gonna be busy for a long time to come," the dwarf says thoughtfully, studying the makeshift housing and cramped outpost.

"Anyways, we need a decision. I'm gonna finish up repairs on the wagon, and I need to know if we're gonna keep it or sell it." After all, if it's just repairs for the team, no need to make it pretty; just rugged. And if it's for sale, it needs to both be practical and look appealing to get the best price.

I say we keep it, be rather useful out there it would. We have the horses to pull it. Jarili said his piece and moved ahead, a ways. He wanted to see if he couldn't buy himself a staff of some sort and now was the time to do it.

The former watch captain was a bit suprised to see Oleg's occupied. As Brun talked of fixing the wagon Jaared thought on it's usefulness out in the wilds. "Brun, I'm all for the wagon as it could prove to extend our opperations. It might slow us down a little, but it might be a nice little, portable base of operations. While we're here Brun, I might need you're help on a little side project if we get the time. Let's go see our old friend Oleg, shall we?", he said with a smile. As the group approached Jaared noted the guard on the wall and looked to see that the mayor's carriage was still there. When they entered the trading post he scanned the area to see that the 2 draft horses were still there in the stables and looked for their old host Oleg or his wife Svetlana. If he doesn't see either he attempts to go to his house and knock on the door to get one or the other to answer.

"Ah. Home at last." Willem said with a sigh of relief. He thought it would be nice to get some rest somewhere protected. Noting the presense of the guards as he entered the walled compound, willem led Storm over to the stables. He got off of her and immediately set about divesting her of her saddle and bridle. Then there was brushing her down and making sure she had enough to eat and drink. It was a while later that he came out of the stable with his saddlebags and gear.

After dumping his gear at his bunk, he set about introducing himself to the guards, bringing them some fresh water in case they needed a drink to refresh themselves. He had some himself just to show them that he hadn't done anything to the water. He asked them to keep an eye on Greg while he was at Oleg's. Willem wasn't sure what Denayth had planned for the ex-bandit, but he thought having some other eyes watching him would be good. Then he went back to his bunk to get some rest before they headed back out.

Denayth eyes the shrine being set up, then looks towards the others. "Seems our little kingdom has already started to grow. Assuming these people know they're in our kingdom, that is. If not, that'll be a fun conversation, I'm sure." Seeing their former guardsman walk towards Oleg, Denayth calls after him, "I'll go with you to see Oleg, Jaared." Dismounting, the padre carefully follows his companion to see the outpost owner.

A man in heavy armor approaches the group as they start to enter the outpost.

"Greetings, you must be the ones from the charter Oleg's told me about, nice to finally meet you, I've hear a lot of good things about you. My name is Kesten, I'm the commanding officer of this group of guards, we were sent here due to bandit problems, but I'm told you help with the defense, we're grateful" the man smiles as he reaches out to shake your hand.

Denayth smiles and steps forward, shaking the man's hand firmly. "A pleasure Mr. Kesten. My name is Denayth Garess, priest of the Gold-Fisted. These are my companions Jaared, Willem, Brunhilde, Mallory, and Jarili. Yes, we're the chartered group, and in fact just got done being attacked by some of those bandits. Killed most, a few escaped. And we have one captive." Here the padre gestures towards Greg.

"He's agreed to work as an indentured servant until he's repaid his debt to society. So, how long are you and your men tasked to stay here? And how many men do you have...Captain? Sergent?"

Kesten stares at Denayth as he approaches as if trying to remember him, bewildered once he introduces himself he exclaims "You're a Garess? ...well this is awkward, cousin." he adds flatly "I'm Kesten Garess, but it doesn't surprise me that I'm not known in your circles."

The padre laughs good-naturedly and shrugs. "Distant cousins to the more noble Garess family. I'm not surprised either that we're unknown to each other. Its always a pleasure to meet a family member. So are you here until further notice then?"


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