Oleg's Trading Post

Magnolia the Drunk

"Shag any I can? Funny, that's what my mom used to say. No, I said shennanigans. It means bull."

Henry turns and glares at Magnolia, offended that any animal other than a donkey was being mentioned. Farm animal. The anthropomorphic tiger didn't count.

Skapti falls silent for a few minutes, his brows knitted in thought. Suddenly he looks up, "Skapti need ask Horny Man Question. Before go kills Stag Man. Is impertinent. We friend for long time. 2 week. So Skapti not kill you for stealing soul right now. Does you do the magic? Cause if you do, I have to kill you. For stealing Skapti soul. And Dog soul. Dog like he soul." Dog whuffs in confused agreement.
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Magnolia the SCIENTIST

Magnolia glances sideways at Skapti, and with the full confidence of a man who knows beyond the shadow of a doubt that he is lying through his teeth, he says, "Skapti, my friend, I would never use magic. Vile thing. No, no, I use SCIENCE! It's nothing at all like magic, and perfectly safe. SCIENCE enables us to make things like swords, and armor. Magic just steals souls. I'm a SCIENTIST!"

As far as Magnolia knows, he just made up the word "scientist", but it sounds good.


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