Oleg's Trading Post


Kesten gives out a small smile "We've been tasked to protect the outpost, so yes until further notice it seems. What do you plan to do with the prisoner? he looks more likely to bolt than to carry out his 'sentence'."

Denayth glances at Greg, then back at Kesten with a shrug. "He's going to help us build, clean, repair, whatever we ask of him until it seems he's reformed. If he breaks any other laws, or tries to run, then we'll consider it as him breaking our agreement, and he'll be killed on sight. You can tell your men that too. However, until he does such a thing, he's to be treated fairly. Understood? Good. Now, what else can you tell me about what's been going on around here cousin? Who's the priest, for example?"

"Hmph, well he's your prisoner, but I'll make sure he doesn't try anything during my watch." he adds with a shrug.

"The priest came a day ago, looks eager to make a name for himself, he's name is Jhod, other than that I don't know much about, well if you excuse me cousin, I'll see to my men."

Looking around the outpost you count four men under Kesten's command, they seem lively fellows, though most likely green recruits fresh out of training.

Oleg notices your arrival and promptly moves towards you "Hello there! we was worried about you folk, with you storming out of here to hunt down bandits! not that we weren't glad but you didn't even rest properly!" Oleg is somewhat cheerful and glad to see you back safely. "How did the hunt go? your other friends set off to explore, haven't been back since. I hope they're alright as well"

It seemed that Lady Luck had shined on Denayth and his friends as the priest recogognized the Captain of the Watch as a distant cousin. Jaared smiled at the two as they briefly became reaquainted but kept his mouth shut. At Greg's mention, and his penance, he nodded and decided to keep and eye on the former bandit just to make sure he stayed on the straight and narrow.

After the chance meeting the group entered the trading post proper. Jaared reached out and shook Oleg's hand as the man approached and gave news their friends in the other group hadn't been heard from yet. "Ah, my new friend, it is good to see you again! As a matter of fact that's all we've talked about the last two days: a restful stay back here at the trading post and some of your wife's good cooking!", he said with a smile.

"Tis true, we tracked the bandits back to their camp. We fought with them and their leader Kressle, I'm sure you remember her? The crazy woman with the axes? I tangled with her personally but to no avail, she ended up besting me. Luckily for me the rest of my friend's here had killed off enough of her men to make her think twice about trying to take the lot of us on. The battle ended as a draw with her retreating with the rest of her men back to someone called 'The Stag Lord'. We searched the bandit camp and found their loot and wish to sell it back to your stores if possible? I believe the furs might have come from your stores, maybe you could take a look and check? We'd like to return property that is truely yours but a finder's fee would be generous on your part. We'll also need to restock and refit ourselfs when the time is right so we can head out again soon. But that can be taken care of in good time my friend, for now, it's time to celebrate our return!", Jaared said with a laugh!

At the news from Oleg of the other group, Jaared thought for a moment. "We've been gone, what? Four days? It doesn't bode well that we haven't heard from the other group, but it's probable they will be back by the end of the week. For now, is there a place for the lot of us to lay our heads for a good stay?", he asked their kind host.

"A pleasure to meet you, Commander Kesten." Willem called out to the soldier as he went back to his men. He thought it would be nice to get some rest somewhere protected. Now that they were back, Willem led Storm over to the stables. He got off of her and immediately set about divesting her of her saddle and bridle. Then there was brushing her down and making sure she had enough to eat and drink. It was a while later that he came out of the stable with his saddlebags and gear.

"Well, I'm glad you're back in one piece, I told you she was crazy... and dangerous, hopefully she'll just flee somewhere else. I'm glad you found the stolen merchandise of course a reward is in order!" Oleg boasts, but then grows silent, glancing from side making sure his wife isn't seeing him and asks you in a more silent tone "Might you by any chance found Svetlana's wedding ring? though she says it's no big loss I know she's sad for it. I'd go search for it but she's forbidden it for me to do so... if you or your friends ever find it we'd be most grateful to you"

Kesten nods in acknowledgement to Will's greeting before continuing to check on his men.

"Ah, there... that'll do for now" the priest says to no one in particular as he gazes at the makeshift shrine to old dead eye (Erastil) with a nod the priest greets the new arrivals from afar.

The padre thinks for a moment, then walks back towards Greg. "Greg, what do you know about Svetlana's wedding ring?" He attempts to keep his voice down, not wanting anyone to overhear. Glancing about to see who might be listening, a dark frown settles on his face as the shrine's patron deity becomes clear. Shaking his head, he turns his attention back to Greg. "Deal with that when I'm done. Erastil indead!" he thinks to himself.

"Who's ...wedding ring?" he asks "Oh... the wench's ring. I dunno, that trinket didn't even worth much, I figure it ended up in one of the loot bags"

A serious look crossed Jaared's face as he lowered the tone of his voice, "Aye, if we find it, the ring will come back into your possession to give to her a second time my friend." He gave Oleg a consoling pat on the shoulder and turned to look at the new arrivals to the camp. "So, I see the guards you sent for finally arrived and a priest as well? I guess we'll get a chance to talk to them more during our short stay. Please let Svetlana know there will be 7 more for dinner tonight. We'll be looking to make some purchases from your stock in a little while including a new horse for me. I trust the 2 draft horses I left haven't given you any problems? Please let me know the next caravan/travellers that are headed up to Restov as I'll send those 2 and the carriage back to the town's mayor with a note thanking him for his generosity." Jaared gave Oleg a nod and went to the stables to check on the Mayor's 2 horses. Once inside the stable he found a place to set his gear down and began unarmoring himself. Although the scale armor was essential during battle it was next to useless while living inside the garrison. Once he was free of it he went out to see about giving Oleg's stolen property back and downing a few ales while doing so.


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