Oleg's Trading Post


"I thank ye kindly" says Oleg.

"Yes finally, a day after you routed the bandits as a matter of fact, ain't that something. Well at least their here, I don't know what's up with the priest though, claims he heard of the charter and wanted to come help with things." You notice that Oleg tone when mentioning charter sounds somewhat mockingly.

Jarili had pretty much kept to himself since they had returned to Oleg's Trading Post. Ever since the fight with the Bandits he had not quite felt himself so he had snuck out into woods to get back into touch with the spirits of nature. Now that he was feeling better he came strolling back into the post, giving a casual nod to the gaurds. He went straight to the stables to check up on his horse.

After helping Oleg unload his now returned stolen property Jaared went to find Mallory and Denayth. Upon finding them both he began; "Well, so far so good. It's not a fully stocked garrison but with the guards at least the trading post has some element of security. Hopefully we can expand the sphere of influence this place exhibits as we explore the area more. Brun's right though, as I had suggested roads would improve the area they need something to connect to. I haven't heard of any other settlements in the area. Once we map it out thoroughly we can see about changing that by choosing the best places to start a camp up. In the interim I was thinking of starting a journel documenting out exploits. I don't think Oleg has any writing supplies that I'll need to do that. Do either of you have any spare parchment, some ink and a quill? Had I those items I could begin tonight." Figuring literacy wasn't as common as it should be in his opinion, Jaared had asked the 2 people in his group that would most likely have the needed items.

"On another note, would tomorrow be to soon to leave the outpost to begin again? I think exploring and mapping this time would be the goal of this next outting. What do you think?", he asked with a gentle tone. He sought each's council as he would everyone in the group before making any proclamations on what they would do. With no acting leader perssuasion seemed the most likely road to get concensus to embark on any endeavor to tame the area. He valued them all as they had not long ago saved his life and that wasn't something Jaared took lightly nor would forget anytime soon.

Night is almost upon you and coming through the open gates is the other group, their faces tell of the struggles had and you count one less among their ranks...

Missoi files through the gate, smiling at the presence of familiar faces and glad for this reprieve from the wilderness for the moment.

Magnolia the Not-Long-Sober

"Beer!" Magnolia demands upon entering the gates. Each soul deals with death in their own, unique, way. Magnolia's intention is to drown out memories of blood and death with MASSIVE quantities of alcohol and a touch of bitter regret to be dealt with later.

He takes a seat at the table, mug in hand, and proceeds to down it quickly. Another mug follows, and soon there will be little left of the mage but a puddle of drunken happiness on the ground.

Zarina Ka'thar

Zarina canters into the post on her gray immediately after the wizard, looking visibly worn and pale. Beside her mount, the paladin's horse keeps pace yet is conspicuously devoid of its rider. She gives a polite nod to the familiar faces milling about. And though physically weary and heartsick to boot, the Varisian still tends to the animals first, herding the two horses under her care into the stable to attend to their needs before her own.

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In Character Post
Jarili looks up from tending his horse when he hears the clattering of another horses hooves. He recognizes the female on top of it, part of the other group. They must have just arrived back. Looking her over she seems to be exhausted, but there was something else. "Ye're Zarina, right? I sense something about you, almost a sorrow. Please tell me, what ales so much you dear girl?" As he continued to study her he could almost feel the pain in her himself.

Zarina Ka'thar

Guiding the two horses into a stall next to where Jarili's mount is stabled, Zarina nods her acknowledgment and dismounts gracefully, though her movements are slowed by the sad burden she bears. Tying up the horses' reins, the oracle takes a deep breath and tries to compose herself before facing the stout frame of the dwarf. Alas, the kindness she finds in Jarili's words and his usually gruff exterior undoes the fragile calm she built for herself on the ride back. Her face crumbles, a reflection of the sadness she holds within.

Folding her arms in front of her to ward away a sudden chill, she gently relays their misfortune. "I'm afraid I bear ill news, Jarili. Master Millmark did not return with us." And to ensure that her words could not be misconstrued, she adds, "Erastil saw it fit to call his servant to his eternal hunting grounds." It was the kindest way she could convey the news of the noble paladin's gruesome end. The Varisian shakes her head sorrowfully. "He fought until the last and that afforded us our escape."

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Skapti is still grumbling about the boars as he comes in through the gate, not happy about being herded past a fight - especially a fight that would have ended in a tasty meal. He slumps off of Dog and onto the bench opposite of Horny Man, "Skapti need strong greenish liquor." Dog scrambles up on the bench next to Skapti and barks. "Need two!"

The pair proceed to down the green stuff quickly. Another pair of mugs follow, and soon there will be little left of Skapti but a puddle of drunken bitterness on the ground. Dog's a happy drunk, and sings the night through.
Unable to find any characters in game 9974


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