Oleg's Trading Post


The news of the Paladins death hit Jarili like a heard of wild elephants, and nearly floored him just the same. He reached an arm out, steadying himself on a nearby barrel of grain. "Me girl, terrible news that is." Now he could understand the hurt that he felt from her. "May the Storm Lord watch over his soul." He said, in prayer to Gozreh. "It sounds as though that his last act may have saved lives though, a true Paladin. And he will always be remember as such." He tried to comfort Zarina as best he could, but gruff old dwarves were not known for there warmth.


Itomo is the last to enter the keep, he is taken aback by the activity, the courtyard is practically overflowing, the common tables in front of Oleg's and Svetlana's home are filled with the member of their companion group as well as Magnolia and Skapti whom seem to be rudely demanding drink, as if this was some kind of common tavern and not a small fortified waystop for travelers. Guards on the walls are a good sign though but he wonders if this small fort can house all of them. He stables his horse just as the awkwardly gruff dwarf supplies Zarina with condolences he unsaddles Ferber and rubs him down. Speaking to Zarina.

"After days in the wilderness this tiny fort seems overfilled with people, I wonder if there is enough room for us all." He climbs the ladder and pokes his head into the loft noticing that the spacious area has not been converted to living space, yet. "I could speak with Oleg, perhaps we could use it, should be easy enough to create some sort of privacy barrier." He does not specify if he meant privacy from each other or the rest of the barn itself.

Zarina Ka'thar

"He certainly was a true paladin," Zarina agrees wholeheartedly, unsaddling both of the horses before fetching them each a bucket of grains from the same barrel Jarili was just leaning on. "Vortek never stopped swinging, that's for certain," she adds softly, seemingly lost in thought as she pats the gray's neck gently while he eats. "Rest assured Jarili, he will not be forgotten." Her hand stills as she glances pointedly out the stable door at those already with drinks in their hand. "At least not by me."

Once Itomo has Ferber unsaddled, the oracle ensures that the Restovian's horse gets its fair share of grains as well, setting a bucket down for him before returning to her charges. While she grooms the pair of horses, her eyes follow the tall rogue as he scales the wooden ladder up to the loft, admiring how fluidly he climbs the rungs. With the number of people they found milling about the post upon their return, Zarina also worries about their accommodations. "That might not be such a bad idea, Itomo. I wouldn't mind being close to Askari and away from the bustle outside." With all that has happened of late, being near her loyal mount gave her a measure of comfort. Besides, it was slightly farther from the common area where Dog was already starting his awful howling.

"And are you the one doing this 'creating'? If so, then would you find a way to add an area for bathing as well?" the oracle half jests. She cranes her neck to glance up at Itomo, only too glad to take her mind off their fallen companion at least for a little while. "I happen to know you managed to sneak off to bathe somehow. I could smell soap on you while we rode back together," she says with a touch of jealousy. It wasn't the only thing she could smell, but Zarina was far too polite to say so. "A bed and a bath. That thought kept me in my saddle on the way back here." That was partially true, but the full extent of her thoughts were much too grim for her to contemplate further without tearing up again.

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As Willem came out of the barn, he saw that the others had returned. He also saw that Skapti had drunk all of the green liquor that they had acquired from the bandits. Willem sighed. He really should have made sure that liquor was hidden away. He had been looking forward to trying to infiltrate the Stag Lord's keep with the offering. He wasn't sure that he wanted to try without it. A pity.

Then Willem overheard Zarina and Jarili speaking of the paladin's death. That was not good news. Sadly, he continued to his bunk to store away his gear.

Finding the conditions at the trading post even more distasteful with the influx of people, Mallory returned to the house she had been using as her own personal lodging. The owners of the house were hesitant, but after having been offered the option of lead, the silver she came with this time made them much more pliant and eager to please. The people were nice enough; not too old to be infirm, not too young to be impetuous or try anything they might regret. They even began teaching her how to cook, on Mallory's urging. She spent most of her time studying and honing her craft, eager to stay away from the smelly, uncouth other party.

On occasion she would go to the post, looking for Jaared and telling anyone who'd listen of her singular exploits, embellished for dramatic effect. During one of her storytelling sessions, she heard of the paladin's death, which confused her; she didn't remember there being a paladin in the first place. The closest thing she could think of was the padre; after a check-in session that was in no way panicked or near hysterical, she knew it wasn't his life that had been lost. Once that was cleared up, she found it hard to care. If she were with the other group, it may have been different; heavens know she nearly went to the brink when Jaared was merely knocked out. A thought comforted her, if mister Jaared were to fall, she would do her very best to ensure that who or whatever did the deed would be next.

Time passed with such drudgery to the point that when Jaared made plans for more exploring, she was chomping at the bit. In fact, that night she snuck into his room, eager to talk strategy.

Amongst other things.


Itomo looks about the stable looking for open space he could screen off for bathing, the barn was packed tight, he looks up at the loft, trying to imagine hauling water up and shakes his head. Turning back to Zarina "I will see what I can do but I suspect our best chance is to ask Svetlana about using a private room in their home for bathing, I assume they have a tub they seemed clean enough. Back past the last stall, the narrow one is a good supply of wood, I am confident I can work up some kind of privacy screen if it's ok with goodmaster Oleg."

Once it is clear Zarina is taking care of Ferber he thanks her and excuses himself to go find Oleg or Svetlana. Walking out into the small common yard he took in the scene. The night's darkness pushed away by a half dozen torches on tripods spread about revealing a packed and bustling common area. Itomo picks his way through the crowd as the more outgoing elements of the two groups mingle with each other and the new guards sent down from Restov. He nods politely to Jaared and to Willem before locating Oleg. "Ah good master Leveton, I was hoping to catch a moment to speak with you about a bit of living space. I noticed, how could I not, that you are rather full up. I was wondering if perchance the Lady Zarina and I might come to some kind of agreement with you about using the loft in the barn. If this is amicable to you I think I could make some hasty renovations to make the loft a bit more private and cozy. I know your busy now we are just looking for a quiet space away from all this. Itomo glances to his left and right towards the wizard and halfling, the baying dog and the rest of the two groups for emphasis." "Also if it's not too much trouble the Lady Zarina asked me to inquire about a bath, I wonder if you have a small private room and a tub she could use?"

Magnolia the Not-Long-Sober

Magnolia sleeps through until morning, counting on being too drunk to care about the dog's braying, or Henry joining in for the occasional chorus. Did they just sing the epic of Voldemare?

The next morning, he wakes up and asks of the owners, "What's going on, and is it worth staying around to find out?"

While at Oleg's Jaared went to each person who had traveled to the bandit's camp and thanked them for saving his life (save Greg that is....) again. He also worked it out with Oleg to resell the loot they had brought back. Upon hearing the rumor that Vortek had been killed Jaared went to Itomo and Zarina. "I'm sorry to hear of Master Millmark's demise. I did not know him well but it sounds as if he was a valued companion to travel with. Your group has our condolences. If there's anything we can do, just ask.", he said in a sympathetic tone. "On another note I hear rumor that we too will be short a member as Brunhilde will be staying back to set up a shop here and to help with the upkeep of the outpost. She is very skilled and this place would surely benefit from her experience. I will be placing an
Read: Looking to hire a hireling!
ad to replace her temporarily on our explorations. Zarina, I was wondering if you could take alook at my wounds to see that I'm nitting properly. I'd hate to have one open up into some sort of infection while we are out beyond the safety of this post."
Jaared filled the two in on what happened out at the bandit's camp and about Kressle's resulting escape to the Stag Lord. He also said that Group 2 was going back to explore the area they passed through more thoroughly and that Master Stormclaw would be mapping it for them. When he was done he went to the tables by the fire and began planning their route back.

After he had thought a good while and listened to Magnolia and Skapti's exploits Jaared went to find Denayth and Will. "Unless there's something pressing I say we restock and head back out tomorrow after lunch. I think I know the route we can take to have Jarili map for us. It is a circular path that will bring us out to the main road when we are done. Expect to be out at least 1 week if not 2 on this next leg so make your preparations appropriately. We'll more than likely be living off the land this time.", he told the two. He then gave each person who had originally been there when the charter was issued a small bag of
63.6gps. See the book keeping thread. Each person in Group 1 and Group 2 receives a share. This does not figure what Oleg will give us as a 'finders fee' for bringing his stolen property back.
gold. After all was settled Jaared went to find Jarili to ensure he found some parchment to make a map and some sort of map case to carry it in. When all was done Jaared sat down and penned an announcement that he planned to post somewhere here at Oleg's.

Once he completed his ad he went to find a nice place in the stables to lay his head for the evening. That night Jaared tossed and turned. He dreampt of a long dark tunnel. Beyond his vision he heard insectiod 'clicking' and 'chattering' in the darkness. He thought he heard a voice underneath the 'clicking' and 'chattering', something faint. He crained his ears to try to hear it better but to no avail. Unsure of himself he turned to try to retreat away from the noises. He blindly reached out and felt the earthen walls. He dropped to his knees as he crawled away from the sounds that seemed to be getting closer. Frantically he crawled faster and faster down the passage. When it seemed the noises were all but on top of him he heard Vortek's voice.

Jaared sat straight up in the loft. Beads of sweat dripped from his brow. His heart was racing as his eyes adjusted themselves to the stable's darkness. He was not alone as others had bed down for the night here as well. A slight calm settled in on him as he realized he was safely within the walls of the outpost. It took a few moments before he slowly laid back down. With the nightmare still fresh in his mind it was sometime before Jaared closed his eyes and tried to sleep again.

Whatever fate was in store for them all only time would tell. The Stolen Lands had claimed one of them and made him it's own. Jaared briefly wondered who the Stolen Lands would claim next before he drifted off into a fitful slumber.

When Jaared goes to set up his announcement he notices that his is not the only one to be seen, others have set up bounties as reward for completing specific tasks...

Next day arrives...

Dice Roll: 1d20+1
d20 Results: 7 (Total = 8)
Skapti's Will]

...Skapti is in a bad mood and looks somewhat
Dice Roll:
d10 Results: 7
injured and tired, but otherwise is fine, he keep silent for the most part. Noticing the small barbarian and his demeanor Missoi is just glad it wasn't him this time, but worries thinking how to get rid of this curse.

Magnolia is still passed out on one of the benches, Dog at his feet, Henry is nowhere to be seen but is likely getting ready for the expedition.


Itomo had a decent conversation with Oleg and Brunhilde regarding the need for expansion, Brunhilde took it upon her to plan such an expansion, Oleg wasn't sure why itomo wanted to sleep in the barn, as it was it was already packed with pack animals and the guest house had ample space for all of them, a bit more now that Vortek was not among you... but, if he was set on it he wouldn't deny him.

"Well are you sure? You can if you want to, but, I mean... the barn? it doesn't smell nice..." Oleg didn't counter much "Well we'll hopefully have something bigger soon anyways" he winked at Brunhilde


Zarina took a long bath at the Leveton house it was simple but it was bliss, Svetlana had some scented oil that made it seem like a grand experience. Svetlana took the opportunity to chat a bit with Zarina confiding that Oleg had been under a lot of stress lately

"If I may... I would like to ask of you a favor, I want to make Oleg's favorite dish... but moon radishes are relatively rare. If you ever come upon a patch I would greatly appreciate it if you'd bring some, I can give you a reward for your troubles"


Willem is happy to see that not all of the green liquor was spent by the drunken duo, they seemed to prefer the regular stuff, the sweet taste of this type of alcohol didn't sit well with Skapti who preferred salty drinks.


It was really hard to read Jaared's face the next day, though Mallory's playful smile and good humor was strange indeed.


Both Denayth and Jarili approached the strange priest, three different faiths in the same place just begged for a debate, or at least friendly chatter.

During you conversation Jhod mentions:

"There's a lost temple to Erastil somewhere to the south, if on your travels you should find it I would be most grateful if you'd let me know, but be careful there seems that a large bear is guarding the site, something is not right with the poor creature I fear..."

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