Oleg's Trading Post

Magnolia the Hungover

Magnolia sits on the ground in front of the sign with the wanter posters. His face is covered with blue paint (where the hell did that come from?) worked into an intricate tribal design (and who was sober enough to draw?). His robes are missing (again) and he's only wearing a loincloth. Other than that, he seems well recovered from his night of binge drinking.

Truth be told, he's still a bit in shock over the whole deal.

He reads each of the signs and then says, to any soul listening, "We saw some boars on the way back. Might be a good idea to go after Tuskgutter and try our luck."

Henry, somehow free of his rope and loose from his pen, nudges Magnolia from behind and looks longingly at the gate.

Willem wandered over to Magnolia and glanced at the posters himself. He didn't comment on the wizard's current state. There hardly seemed a point to it.

"We encountered a few kobolds guarding a radish patch. We made friends with them... well, kinda sort of," the rogue admitted, "Could be we could ask them to guide us back to their chieftain."

The next day a tired Jaared came out of the barn (he didn't want to impose on anyone in the bunk house). The fitful sleep he got the night before did little good for his demeanor. He saw Will over by Magnolia reading the postings board. Realizing he was a bit short in his coin purse he went up to the wiley rogue. "Morning Will. How was last night's rest for you? Good I hope. Listen, I hate to ask but in my preparations to buy another horse I seem to have miscounted. They aren't half price any longer and I'm a bit short. I was wondering if I could borrow about 20gps to tide me over till we get back. I'd be indebted to you until then. I hope it's not too much to ask?", he asked politely. He didn't want to pressure the man and Jaared felt he was good for it. Without the horse the exploration this time would be much slower. He waited to see what Will would say before he went to ask anyone else.

"Morning, Jaared!" Willem replied heartily, "Certainly. One moment..." The rogue pulled out his coin purse from a secure spot underneath his armor and fished out 20 gold pieces before handing them to Jaared. "There you go." Willem said as he returned the pouch to it's hidden spot again.

Magnolia the Hungover

Magnolia, who has spent many a day sitting on a street corner begging to pay for university tuition, instinctively holds up a hand also and says, "Gold for a poor soul, guv?"

Jaared smiled at Will's kindness. "Thank you my friend. Actually, my legs thank you as I'll not be walking.", he said kindly. He looked up at Magnolia when he requested 'alms for the poor'. "Sorry Mags, gotta put this coin back towards raising the relm, not raising your glass.", he said as he tried not to laugh at the man's nakedness. Jaared turned and looked at Will again. "I do believe our route will be taking us back towards the kobolds. Looks like as our resident draconic diplomat your services will be required yet again!", he said as he slapped Will firmly on his shoulder and laughed. He went to the barn to arrange his gear and get his mount squared away. "We leave again after lunch Will, make sure everyone is ready.", he shouted over his shoulder as he disappeared into the barn.

Seeing that everything seems taken care of, Denayth glances over at the priest of Erastil. Shaking his head, the padre goes to clean himself up from their journey. Once he feels more human, more civilized Denayth walks over to the other priest. He adjusts his robes slightly, and makes sure his holy symbol hangs prominently upon his chest. "Greetings cousin. My name is Denayth Garess. Might I have the pleasure of knowing your name?"

Despite being a less than intensively social creature, Missoi nevertheless enjoyed his return to Oleg's oasis of civilization. He was pleased to see that the other group had survived their encounter with the bandits, and felt a slight sting of pride at not having been there to assist them in their confrontation. He caught up with the others as best he could, sharing stories of their travels and lamenting Vortek's death, making a special point to relay the details to Jaared, since the half-elf seemed to have a mind towards their large-scale efforts of establishing a foothold in the Lands. After this, the alchemist found a spot in the guest room and promptly went to bed.

* * *

The morning found Missoi conducting his daily rituals under a roof: first some meditation to stir and harness his inner energies, then the preparation of a few extracts. He had been pleased to find an abundance of raw materials in his travels thus far, and had already devised a few new extracts as a result of experimentation during their travels. Having finished his morning routine, Missoi wandered outside and over to where Magnolia and the others had gathered. "I'd be up for some boar hunting," he said simply. "If we were able to earn some money, I could buy the material's necessary to set up a little lab and start making some alchemical items. Some of those would come in handy."

While chatting over the possibilities with the others, Missoi
Know (Nature):
Dice Roll:
d20 Results: 4 (Total = 11)
contemplates the relative strength of a boar with the reputed strength of Tuskgutter, as well as
Know (Arcana):
Dice Roll:
d20 Results: 2 (Total = 8)
the habits and and possible whereabouts of the tatzlwyrm.

Skapti, a little more than hungover, goes for the nuclear option.

Hesitantly, he pulls on the edge of Denayth's robe. "Er... You talk of gods like you know, and Skapti... He, er, em, he needs you help." This last he hisses in a whisper, before continuing in a normal tone, "We kill this dead thing at a river, see. Well it body not stay, and dissolve in water. Now Skapti visited most night by, by spirit. He call himself Nettles, say he take my body or Stag Lord in revenge for what he do. Then he stabs me. Real stabs!" He pulls aside the natty animal skin that covers his chest to show the three stab wounds that he has received. Two are now scars, but one is fresh and still bleeding. He looks at the Jhod and Denayth begging for help.


Standing next to Horny Man, Skapti nods his assent, "Should have killed when we see first time. We know where is, lets go kill! Fresh dinner!" Skapti crows gleefully, eager to get to killing. Dog, hearing something about food, comes over and starts barking in a very demanding tone.
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Magnolia the Hungover

Magnolia is vaguely disappointed that he didn't a coin out of the deal also, but not enough to make a fuss. To Skapti he replied, "I agree. Once everyone has healed their wounds," he looks closely at Skapti's chest, "we can set out." He pauses to look over at the barn. "And once they're done with other things."

Did the woman draw the symbols on his face? She seemed like the artistic type. Probably a spell to pull out his eyes and use them for herself. He'd have to keep an eye... he physically snorted as he caught his own pun... on her.

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