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Ghasts and Wights

Ghasts and Wights

I'm curious, but would ghasts and wights work together to haunt and invade adventurers who have set camp in the wilderness? The ghasts and wights wouldn't be swayed by an evil cleric or necromancer, but there is someone in the group who unknowingly seems to have undead gravitate towards his proximity. It's more like the person acts as a beacon to undead.

So, yeah, there are wights and ghasts in the area, so I'm curious if they would group together as they advance upon the camp.

Let's see... wights are LE, ghasts are CE.

But, for some reason, ghasts are the more intelligent creature type on all levels. And vastly more physically powerful.

IF they work together, it's likely that the ghasts have enslaved the wights. Both being undead negates the others' special powers... but the ghasts could simply bully the wights into submission.

I don't think either would waste time working together. The Wights are driven to kill by their supernatural abilities, while Ghasts are driven to kill by their alignment. Maybe they can form some kind of symbiotic relationship where the Wights use their energy drain and the Ghasts eat the corpses.

Ghasts and wights hate each other, enough so that they attack on sight, ignoring all else. Right?

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