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Warforged Spell Failure

I posted that before the editing of the thing about the post not working the way people thought it did. I have to wait another level to get it anyway, so its moot.

Originally Posted by Lanthar Mandragoran View Post
A single level of Spellsword nets you +1 level of spellcasting class, +1BAB, -10% ASF, and good will / fort saves. It's like the best of both worlds (fighter and Wizards) all rolled into one level AND you get the ASF reduction.
It's just a shame the rest of the class isn't like that

Originally Posted by Stam View Post
It's just a shame the rest of the class isn't like that
Yeah... 2nd level = Bonus Feat (woohoo! - whatever)

However, I gotta say going spellsword is going to beat alternating fighter mage levels though...

Abjurant Champion is a wee bit overpowered it seems. Although, since they don't have any ability to ignore spell failure, that does rein them in a bit. OK, a very little bit to be sure.

Actually, the most amusing thing about the class is that apparently the writer doesn't even know the schools of basic spells and nobody bothered to check him on it. Mage Armor is not and never has been an abjuration. Yet the text strongly implies that it is. In fact, I know of no official abjuration that grants an armor bonus, (shield yes, deflection, of course) seriously restricting the usefulness of their basic ability. (I'm sure someone can find something somewhere, with enough hunting)

Not that I mind. They still seem mighty strong. Imagine if they did what the author seems to think they should.

Originally Posted by Sithobi1 View Post
There are several abjurations that grant armor bonuses. None are core.
All 'Protection From X-Alignment' spells are core, but unfortunately give deflection bonuses to AC rather than armor or shield.

It's hilarious that that class ability actually includes the text 'Abjurant champions rely on mage armor"...

And honestly, 5% spell failure is NOT that big of a deal. I've played a sorcerer with 10% failure before, and in a campaign that went up to 8th level or so, I think I only ever lost 1 spell. Not every spell has somatic components after all, and if you're that worried, just take Still Spell and use it on those spells that you absolutely have to make sure you succeed on.


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