Seeking PF spellcaster

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Seeking PF spellcaster

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Ad Closes: Nov 30 '11
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We are looking for a spellcaster to join our Rogue, Fighter, and Ranger in the module "The Crypt of the Everflame." Plans are to use this as a basis for a campaign. PC's are first level with attributes rolled with a pool of 26 dice in this thread.

I am looking to fill this slot quickly as the players are in the middle of the module. Send me a private message if you are interested, and feel free to create a post in the thread (linked above) when you do so.

I will take the first one ready with an acceptable character concept and completed character sheet (including gear).

Game Description:

Someone once said that is was "better to die fighting for freedom than to live life in chains." This is the setting in a nutshell.


Laying in the middle of the sub-continent of Avistan, hundreds of miles north of the Inner Sea, is a land of primarily freedom-loving, generous people. The woodsmen, rangers, trappers, artisans, fishermen and townsfolk of this land established a fiercely independant nation, Nirmathas, by rebelling against the rule of its southern neighbor, the militaristic Molthune.

The campaign begins with characters with ties to this land, in particular to the large town of Kassen. These individuals now prepare to embark on their lives as adults, once they undergo a coming-of-age ritual.

Campaign basics:

This is a campaign beginning with first-level characters, set in the world of Golarion... initially in the nation of Nirmathas. The first adventure will be taken from a module, with subsequent campaign events to be created based on the composition of the group.

Rats ... good luck Phiktional (love your avatar and name ... btw)

We have two working on finishing up characters now. If either is done by Friday night I will add them to the game. Otherwise I will once again open up applications. Closing this thread (at least temporarily).

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