Us players and GMs come in all flavors, some who are good at game mechanics other that excel at RP, those in between and others that are a bit more difficult to catalog

It's hard to accommodate all tastes in one game without affection one or another 'gamer archetype' and I usually try to keep a healthy mix going on during my games.

Deserach mentioned that he along others would like taking up a notch the RP interactions, which is always a good thing as long as the normal flow of the story keeps progress at an acceptable rate for everyone involved. So I took his suggestions, thought them up and came up with an idea: Scenes

The following rules are in place to create a scene:
  • A scene will be solely a RP thread, a NEW THREAD created by you players that lies apart but is related to the main game threads, rolls can be made within, but are mostly for fluff.
  • A scene is not meant to have combat and most participants will be PCs. NPC can be part, but only in limited capacity (since I usually handle those ).
  • A scene should NOT mechanically affect another PC or NPC unless something related happened in game (example, er... maybe a bit too soon - but Vortek's death and aftermath would be a good one)
  • The scene can be created by any player that belongs to the Kingmaker game and must always be open for all to read and enjoy.
  • The scene must be created within the threadgroup chapter in which it belongs.
  • Any player can be part of a scene as long as it makes sense for him to belong in game terms, for instance, the player must be at the place and time when the scene happens.
  • A scene must happen within a clearly specified time frame and location IN GAME.
  • You as a player will likely create a scene when you feel great RP potential is to be had and during any particular point and time during the game. Basically if you want to go all out RPing, but feel that the continuation of the main story could stall if you RP for too long, then I recommend that you keep that inspiration and funnel it into a scene thread.
  • A scene won't follow the normal flow of game time and posts can be made whenever, and as long as the scene lives and makes sense.
  • A scene requires a hook during the normal game, a clear indication that a scene is to take place. The hook must also have a hyperlink to the scene in question. I'll post an example shortly.
  • The scene creator and it's participants will help moderate the scene thread, I can step in, but a scene is mostly the responsibility if it's creator and participants.
  • A scene will form part of the chapter threadgroup for a limited time, after a considerable amount of time (and after all interaction has ceased) the scene thread will be moved to the archives into a subthread named 'Scenes' this is to keep the threadgroups clean and with relevant information.
  • IMPORTANT: A scene will only be created when you feel that a lot more RP is to be had, in no way do I intend for you to move all RP out of the normal game threads and into a bazillion scenes! RP until now has been great and I feel that the length of it has kept the Roll/Role play balanced

Scenes have already naturally happened and are encouraged. These rules are only to further cultivate the RP and writing skills that some of you - have unlike me - fortunately have, while keeping us roll junkies hooked on combat and game mechanics

Hook example

A hook must be announced in your normal in game post specifying the name of the scene, a link to the scene and maybe a comment within a SPOILER TAG. Since I lack time and frankly inspiration , I'll take one of the naturally occurring scene that already happened in game (Notice the addition of the Hook spoiler)

NOTE: By no means I'm implying that this RP interaction was long, it was just right IMO, but it could have potentially been longer if the participants were given more time and not dragged out of their inspiration

Zarina Ka'thar

"Itomo, hold if you please." Zarina's hand shoots out to grip the Restovian's leather clad shoulder firmly, leaving him no choice but to halt his progress. With the battle over, the oracle felt the weight of his locket around her neck, the one she was keeping safe for him. The thought drives her to seek out the spot where it should be resting on his chest. Eyes the color of amber trail slowly down his leather shirt, noting the half-done bindings. Her eyes narrow as she catches a glimpse of a piece of cloth poorly hidden by the gaping opening of his armor. One glance at the leather reveals a telltale gash in the material.

"Are you hurt?" she demands accusingly. Concern leads her to snatch up the suspicious cloth. A quick inspection reveals the dark stain of blood. Sniffing him to make sure, she gets a whiff of alcohol along with the familiar metallic scent. Zarina sighs heavily, her suspicions confirmed. "No digging for you until I see to that injury. Yes, the one you failed to inform me of," she says with resignation.

"Come. I need to return something of yours anyway." Turning away, she strides purposefully towards the guest house, fully expecting Itomo to follow. "And please bring that liquor you've been drinking. It could prove useful."

The piles of gear sitting by Magnolia makes Zarina's step falter. The practical Varisian in her knows that all the equipment is valuable. But the loss of life... Her jaw hardens. That was the healer in her talking. These were bandits, after all, I need to remember that. Reaching into the neckline of her padded shirt, she withdraws two thin metal chains, quite similar though one is silver, the other, gold. She peers at them intently for a moment. Coming to a decision, she grabs at the first one her fingers close around and works it off her neck, a rather difficult task considering the length of her hair. With the chain still tangled in her long locks, she bellows, trying to work the chain clear, "And if someone would be so kind as to send Master Millmark to me before he bleeds all over that hole he's digging, I would certainly appreciate it!"

With a curt nod to the group gathering for ale, the small Varisian's frame, necklace still tangled in her locks, disappears into the guest quarters with as much dignity as she can muster.

Scene example, part 1

Remember that the Scene is to be A NEW THREAD created by you as player.

The first post of the scene thread should have some information about the scene. More importantly the time and place in which the scene takes place, maybe the initial list of participants in the scene, example:

Scene takes place in 21 Neth, 4711 in the Guest Quarters or Oleg's Trading post. Itomo and Zarina bond after the battle.

Scene example, part 2

The rest of the thread is RP delight and is the reserved space for the inspiration of it's participants post after post, you already know this scene so I'll just add some of the posts as an example.


Itomo stops the moment she commanded him too and exhales the breath he had been holding, he turns pivoting around Zarina's unexpectedly tight grip to face her.

"Are you hurt?" she demands accusingly.
"It's just a scratch." he says wincing in pain as she peels back the stiff leather to reveal the makeshift bandage and the jagged wound beneath. " I was going to tell you but, well I am sure there are more serious injuries to deal with, have you seen Vortek, it's a wonder he's even standing."

"Come. I need to return something of yours anyway." Turning away, she strides purposefully towards the guest house, fully expecting Itomo to follow. "And please bring that liquor you've been drinking. It could prove useful."

"Ok Ok..I'm coming." He says while turning to follow her sheepishly into the guest house. Mid-stride he pulls the flask from his pant leg pocket.

Zarina Ka'thar

Satisfied that the Restovian followed her into the guest quarters, the oracle moves further inside. Tossing the buckler on the narrow bed she occupied the night before, Zarina continues to work the chain off her long hanks of hair. Furious at how long it was taking her, she yanks viciously on the chain to speed up the process, freeing the locket at last. Spinning on her heel, she triumphantly holds the necklace level with Itomo's face, grinning fiercely as her fingers grasp the chain, the locket spinning slowly underneath her fist. Only the dangling locket wasn't his, judging from the black eagle on the crest and the fact that it was mostly silver, as was the chain, though the links were quite similar to the one he gave her. The only gold bits were the ones glinting from behind the eagle's outstretched wings. Inscribed beneath it were the words "High Above" in ornate letters.

Varisian: Damn!
La naiba!" she hisses, realizing her mistake. Enfolding the locket in her fist, she quickly sweeps it underneath her buckler in a single guilty motion. One hand steals around her neck in an attempt to fish out the proper locket. She catches herself and looks over her shoulder at Itomo rather sheepishly. "How about we worry about the locket later? I'll tend to you first," she says softly, patting a clear spot on the edge of the bed, away from where she tossed the buckler.


"That's fine, no hurry, I have a feeling we are not out of harms way don't have to carry that burden....besides it looks like you may have one of your own." Itomo looks at her sincerely before chuckling breaking into a boyish grin as he steps towards the bed Zarina has patted undoing the half done bindings of his armor and revealing the jagged slash under his breast. Sitting down he hands her the flask of whiskey unopened, he assumes she has desires for it beyond drinking.

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