The Death of a Companion

The Death of a Companion

Scene takes place in 6 Pharast, 4710 just outside of the Old Sycamore, possibly on route to elsewhere.

The companions discuss the death of an ally, and perhaps forge a closer bond.


Itomo rolls on to his back where he collapsed after the panicked escape from the Mite warrens. He stares up through the scraggly bare branches of the old Sycamore at the bright blue sky marred by narrow white clouds that seem to cling to the ceiling of the world. Around him he hears the sobs and pants of his companions What a beautiful afternoon for such dismal circumstances he thinks to himself. Eventually he rouses himself standing up and fastidiously brushing bits of earth and branches from his many days soiled clothes.

At first he looks to comfort Zarina, but she has curled in on herself with her back to Itomo, her body and posture saying she needs space. Looking to Skapti he can see by his facial expression that he is taking this hard and has heaped a large portion of responsibility onto his broad shoulders. He crosses the short distance to the stout man and the wounded dog.

He crouches looking at the man and beast searching for the right words. "One day soon we will come back here and finish this, it's not over we will have our vengeance. But for now we must move away and lick out wounds. Can dog travel....even a short distance?"

Skapti looks towards Dog, his constant companion for several years now, unable to meet Itomo's eyes. The canine's fur is matted with blood and he looks hardly able to stand, and yet he is panting happily as he looks down at his master. Skapti shakes his head in wonder, "Dog, OK for little while." he says as he pats the dog's head.

Eventually he looks up at Itomo, his voice rough with emotion, "Is this how is, then?" He slaps his chest, where the iron sword of Gorum is seared into his flesh, "Skapti power, come one day, go another? What if cannot protect as promise?" He indicates Zarina, "Or cannot steal name?" another motion indicating Horny Man. He howls in frustration, hurling his sword into the dirt. His chest heaving even from that small effort, he lifts his sleepless eyes to Itomo once more. "You right, Itomo, in this. We will take vengeance, and drink the blood of our enemies."

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