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Brave New Worlds

Brave New Worlds - Forum

The universe is a vast expanse, consisting of many worlds....realms...

Each of these worlds has its own deity, who has absolute power over their realm.

You are one of these deities.

Some realms multiple gods, each contesting the others' power. There are some with no god. The most notable of these is Limbo, the communal realm of the gods.

For the most part, denizens of these realms remain on their own world. But occasionally, inhabitants will mingle between worlds, be it from divine mischief, adventurousness, or plain bad luck. That's where the fun begins.

Welcome to Brave New Worlds, the GMless freeform game.

Players are not restricted to playing the role of gods. While each player must have a realm, it is theirs to decorate or leave in disuse. Players can mess with their realms as much as they like, or take on the role of a new character to explore the realm of another. This makes each player both a miniGM and a player in as many settings as they might like. I hope that's clear.

All applicants will be accepted once they have created a new idea for a realm. Such a blurb could be anywhere from a sentence to a few paragraphs. For quality of gameplay purposes, however, players will be subject to removal if they:
a) are rude, or unwelcoming to new and current players
b) detract from a good gameplay atmosphere
c) think freeform is
bad word choice, apologies :P
godmode. You dictate your own actions. You can start combat, but it takes all the fun away if you end it in the same post. Throw a punch, but don't dictate that it hits. (Might be okay in some situations.)

Apart from that, I expect players will largely self-regulate. Know that if your posts are too sparse, people will be less inclined to RP with your characters or in your realm.

I apologize for the sparseness of this ad. Finals are coming up.

That being said, if you've got questions, ask away! Otherwise, head on in and create your own realm.
Please refrain from making threads until you have been accepted into the game.

I'm closing this ad in two weeks.

Edit for clarity: You get no realm unless you ask for one. You get no game invite until you get a realm. Posting a realm idea in this thread will get you neither. This makes the logistics of everything much, much easier on me.

Game Description:

A GMless freeform game in which each player is the god of their own realm.

Accepts all applicants.

A mind wasted is a terrible thing - Mindflayer Proverb

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Wow, what an awesome concept! i'm totally in.

I'm thinking of making a god of Magic. His realm will have purple crystal spires and will be populated by monsters which are all unique.

I would like to throw my hat into the ring with a realm of undead and necromancers, if allowed if not then a realm of vermin and insects

I don't think any realm will be disallowed... unless you make it rated X... that's probably against the forum rules...

Ya but undead tend to get x'ed because of the nature of the hoards of them spilling into other realms. Started in a few games like this and the undead are overpowering in most cases just by their nature

I am interested in a realm based for heroes of all types. A kind of warrior society of feasting, fighting, and their hobbies like art and the likes.

Originally Posted by thepeasant View Post
I don't think any realm will be disallowed... unless you make it rated X... that's probably against the forum rules...
WHAT!!!!!! no porn realm!!!!!! but I was going to have armies of *@%$#@ fighting lots of @&#%$@* resulting in mass *@&$^# that would look like @&^# #&$*%@& madness and would consume the realms in vicious @&# *#$&!%.

lol... just don't be a dick about it and i'm sure it'll be fine. Don't just spam posts in all the forums "oh noez, skeletuns an zumbes r attacking1!!!1!!!one!!!!"

And I, I shall be the Dwarves, if he gives me my forum... :0 Free Form For Fun.


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