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looking for feedback: new weapon quality

looking for feedback: new weapon quality

This quality idea popped into my head today. The main reason is to alleviate the pain of purchasing weapons for Two-weapon Fighters or worse, Multi-weapon fighters (like thri-kreen), where simply getting their weapons takes up more than half of their expected wealth. I am looking for feedback, ranging from suggestions to make it better to possible abuses.

I might change it up a tad bit. To something like...

horrible wordingWhen creating a paired weapon you must select it's counterpart, which then must also be a paired weapon. These weapons are only paired with one another.

This will prevent people from wanting every weapon they come across as paired. You can also knock out the bit about arrows. After-all arrows that have been used are likely to break.

The reason the note on ammunition is there is so they can't wield an arrow in one hand (never attacking with it) for cheap qualities, since ammunition is 1/50th normal cost for enhancements.

And it's fine if people want every weapon they come across is Paired. That doesn't mean they'll get them.

I dunno, it feels... it kinda feels like a wasted enchantment slot. I mean, the real benefit to this enchantment would be to get more enchantment bonus on each individual weapon (once you get past a +3 bonus on each weapon, you're essentially getting free enchantments on both weapons). But I don't feel it actually fixes the whole "TWFers have to spend more gold on their gear" problem.

I mean... ok... at the very least you have to shell out 16,000gp for two +1 Paired Weapons. Then, you shell out another 10,000gp for a Flaming enchantment. And you decide to shell out another 10,000gp on the other weapon for a Corrosive enchantment.

You've just spent 36,000gp on what a THF can get for half that price, because the extra cash you had to pay for the extra double enchantment to link the weapons together. The price eventually evens out somewhere down the line, but it's not going to be especially helpful for anything before level 15.

You could turn the price of the enchantment into a flat cost, but considering you're essentially allowing a pair of weapons to hold more enchantments together than they would individually, I'm not sure it would be cheap regardless. Like I said, the benefit of this enchantment isn't in balancing WBL, it's in giving your weapons a ridiculous number of enhancements.

These are just my thoughts, mind you. There's always the chance that there's a bigger picture I'm not seeing. So feel free to enlighten me if that's the case.

No, I think that was the goal, grey. It doesn't make anything "cheaper"... it just makes the rather expensive investment WORTH more. So you actually get enough bang for the buck to make it worth it.

I personally think it can work. moreso, it adds more tactical considerations to the game. Makes melee types (or at least TWFers) more interesting... choosing which pairing to use in a situation and all...

If that's the case, then yeah, it works. But I like the term "linked" instead of "paired," if it matters lol. It implies that you can pair more than two weapons together at once. And there should probably be some sort of bonding ritual associated with it, so a character can't make use of it the second he picks up a new weapon. Like sharing your blood between both weapons or something.

Up front, it does have a higher cost associated with use, but in the long run, it will even out and then drop below. Now, you could keep enhancing the weapons up to the full +10 if you wanted, and get more bang for your buck.

A flat-cost definitely came to mind, but then the issue comes up with "what is the cost?" There isn't anything to compare this to in printed D&D.

Also, note that this enhancement doesn't have a limit to how many weapons it could work with simultaneously.

Maybe something like 2,500gp per weapon? That would give the typical TWFer a flat 5,000gp cost for both weapons (more if he wants to link multiple weapons at one time for some reason), and drop the costs of all subsequent enchantments by 1 level.

Or just go with a specific OTHER magic item (like a pair of gloves) which grant the transeferal property and the cost of the gloves relies basically on how much power it can transfer between weapons.

Something like that just nerfs the TWF again by not only requiring several feats and purchasing two weapons, but also demanding an additional item slot.


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