Lights in the Darkness

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Lights in the Darkness

Lights in the Darkness - Forum
Estimated Members Requested: 3

Looking for 2-3 players for a Solar campaign, looking for rather quick posters for once a day minimum (unless you note otherwise saying that real life has gotten busy for a few days which happens, just would like a heads up). Express interest on post, and say a general character idea you have. I will also set up a applications page for my in depth back stories and if player chooses to before acceptance to put character sheet on there (though it is not needed until acceptance, it is more important to me to see you have a flushed out character idea).

Good to know things about my GM style, I am very sandbox style and revolve my story around the characters. I may have bigger things going on around them, but a lot of what happens will be the result of their actions. I will provide ample stimuli for players to react to, and once that starts we as group will make the story together. I encourage creative ways out of situations, talking yourself out of being a arrested by a large group of dragon bloods, intimidated a foe to the point that they turn tail and run that is great. If a character is in a social exchange and it is something going back and forth, and the player and myself are on shooting things back and forth rapid fire to more quickly finish and find out what is needed from who ever that works great for me and keeps pace up. However, if their is a point that another player that didn't get to reply because of that rapid fire interchange would have interjected and said something, say so in OOC and we will see if we can turn back the clock a minute and play it from there or if the rest of the convo would have went the same we will use and say the rest happened. Seems all fair and reasonable.

Needed book
Exalted 2nd edition core book

Homebrew alterations,
Combat will be done a little differently to make it go smoothly. I am still working out the kinks, but I am thinking act as a group for posting purposes, then I will be able to reply with results of your actions, and with the attacks of the enemies. If charms increase the speed it will act on whole group. Basically, when initiative is rolled I will add up all of yours, divide by amount of people in group and then put them their on the tick chart and then do the same for enemies. Hoping it will smooth out and make Exalted a bit more play by post friendly.

Thanks for reading through my post and hope to be playing with a few of you soon. Once I feel I got a few good players, I will close the post down, I probably keep open for a few days to see if any late interest comes in.

Game Description:

Creation is at in ruins, the Dragonbloods' Scarlet Empress has gone missing and a huge power struggle for the throne has ensued. Meanwhile, the Bull of the North is building in army and has been able to win battles against the Dragonblood armies. Shadowlands with Abyssal's have appeared and began creating undead armies. The Wyld, which is infested with the Fae folk, have been slowly pushing in on the edges of creation. All signs are pointing to the end of creation. With the exclusion of the return of children of the sun, the Solar Exalted. The Lights that shine in even the Darkest of times.

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woooooooooo, exalted. im definately interessted, making a character consept.

Interested as well, I have an Eclipse idea I got recently that I will aply with. An Exalted somewhat inspired, initially anyway, by Spider Jerusalem.

Hmm... *checks through Anathema* Ah, here we go. Roaring Tiger - Dawn Caste, and a master of the martial art Tiger Style; Did I mention he's a dwarf? Putting my sheet up on the board.

I take it 'Your mother' you typically played a Dragon Blood when you played before? Or possibly a Sidereal? Both are good times and you get very familiar with calling Solars and Lunars Anathema.

Samael Aphrah, a mortal agent for the Magistrates until he became Exalted. He still thinks of himself as one of the Hares, just that the Eye is a little more corrupt than he thought possible, and the misunderstandings to do with Anathema are unfortunate but understandable to him. He still feels very loyal to the Realm and to the Scarlet Empress, although Dynasts, especially dynasts not loyal to her, are somewhat of a sore point with him. He really thinks of himself as more of an 'Lost Egg' than a true Anathema, but he's somewhat in denial about his new state- particularly harsh realities to do with the curse. His continued loyalty to the Realm is in a sense a manifestation of that curse- Solars can find it incredibly difficult to give up a loyalty once gotten. Encounters with Abyssals or even with other Solars could make him see the dark side of his own nature, and the threat of the Fair Folk would make the necessity of existing as Anathema very real.

Aphrah is a bit of a dabbler, picking up a martial techniques, social contacts, and even thaumaturgy as the situation demands. This doesn't mean that he's good at all things, just that he's able to position himself at the center of whatever crap is going on, where he prefers to be. He's a manipulator above all else, but to him, manipulation isn't much good if you can throw down and drag out in some outland backwater saloon.

Stylistically, Aphrah is a bit of a cowboy, with a tall wide-brimmed hat and a duster. He fights with his fists, or with two long silver knives. He's preternaturally fast, and the enemy often finds him behind them with his knows in their back as soon as his friends kick in the front door. His anima banner is like a tornado of black and grey, with a mask like white steel covering his face.

He's night cast, it appears when his anima flares as a part of that castes' effect. I'd like to have a real one that is pretty much interchangable with the magical one. For social situations and the like where I don't want my anima to flare.

Originally Posted by DeoDrake View Post
I take it 'Your mother' you typically played a Dragon Blood when you played before? Or possibly a Sidereal? Both are good times and you get very familiar with calling Solars and Lunars Anathema.
No, Anathema's a character generation program for Exalted. Very useful little tool that I'm quite pleased with. You can find it here.


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