Looking for New Team Members

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Looking for New Team Members

Mekton Z: Mecha Tourney - Forum
Estimated Members Requested: 1

I'm opening this game up for recruiting again. Currently there are three players ready to continue the game, but I would like to round out the team with 2-3 more. Mecha pilots are not required, one current player is not a pilot. If interested, send me a private message. Thanks.

Game Description:

The heroes are part of a mecha gladiator team. Like a racing team on Earth today, the gladiator team consists of engineers, mechanics, owners, pilots, trainers and various other support personnel. The team has a space ship and their own mecha of different types. They travel the circuit participating in League events: sometimes a race, a one-on-one, team combat, goal specific challenge (capture the flag), etc. Game challenges include the actual events and also adventures the team will encounter at the different ports of call.

The Universe is a sci-fi setting at the maximum Mekton Z tech level of 8, which corresponds roughly to a d20 Modern Progress Level of 7. There will be areas with lower tech level, but the PCs can come from TL8 backgrounds, and the team they are on has that level. Characters could come from a lower tech background, itís up to you. The Setting is one of my own creation and incorporates some of my favorite Sci-Fi RPG non-humans, some from other sources, some I created. Galactic politics is the back-drop, the tapestry hanging behind the story of the characters. You can ignore it, or not, as long as everyone is having fun.

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