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Comic Book Wednesdays, What did you get?

Comic Book Wednesdays, What did you get?

No small surprise but most of the comics I picked up this week were from DC.

DC Titles
Action #4
Animal Man #4 is my favorite for the week.
Batman Detective #4
Huntress #3
Supernatural #3: This was for the wife. Iíve been trying to get her to read comics and this is one of the titles she picked. Shrug. I havenít read it so it could be good, bad or ugly.

Marvel Title
The Defenders #1: I tried it and liked it. Well enough to see what happens in issue 2 anyway. The book left me with two questions. When did Betty Ross become the (red?) SheHulk? Who took over as Earthís Sorcerer Supreme? It has been a really long time since I have read any mainstream Marvel. Ultimate Spider-Man was the only title I read for ages. The idea of a reboot with Spiderman was just the thing for me. It helped clear the clone thing out.

So what did you pick up this week and what was your favorite?

Betty Ross became Red SheHulk a long while ago. It was the last major Hulk Arc that started with Red Hulk after WW Hulk. I think.

I think Doctor Voodoo took over as Sorcerer Supreme for some reason but I haven't read that story or character in a very long time.

Detective #4 - I'm pretty much done with the title at this point. Synder isnt doing it for me. It's not nearly as bad as Dark Knight right now but if the next issue goes for the shock value ending crap again I'm out for awhile.

Green Arrow #4 - The first arc was extremely weak. I'm hoping for an improvement this time around. I'm a Green Arrow fan so I'm trying to help keep the title alive but its going to be hard with another start that I found lacking.

Justice League International #4 - Another one I feel is hanging by a thread from my drop list. I'm bored reading it. Non of the characters get enough screen time to be worthwhile. Most are being under played. Was picking it up again for seeing certain characters. I'll likely be sticking with GL Corps for my Guy fix. I'm still pissed on what they've done with the relationship with Ice.

Huntress #3 - I've been enjoying seeing Helena. I do kinda want to see her back in the States but I'll take more Huntress how I can.

Penguin #3 - Been enjoying this one as well. It surprised me a bit more than I originally expected. I'm getting a few memories of the old Batman animated series with the Penguin dating theme that came up in this one.

Originally Posted by Melverne View Post
Marvel Title
The Defenders #1: I tried it and liked it. Well enough to see what happens in issue 2 anyway. The book left me with two questions. When did Betty Ross become the (red?) SheHulk?
Betty went Hulk in the Fall of the Hulks arc. I think that started in Dec '09

I usually agree with Arcane Desperado, and here again, we seem to think alike. I don't care for the Detective Comics Batman or the Action Comics Superman, and I agree with Justice League International. There's nothing wrong with just...'is'. I'm not sure if they really need all the characters they have; it's better to do a lot with a few than a few with a lot.

I still read it when my buddy gets it, but I'm in 'take it or leave it' mode.

Oddly enough, as the Green Arrow goes, I thought the first arc was decent. Not superb, but good enough. And this is coming from someone who isn't a fan at all of the Green Arrow (i.e. if I wanted a sermon, I'd go to church and such). I borrow that from my pal as well.

I have to admit that I think the Dark Knight is...all right. It's not superb or 'must read' but I enjoyed looking through it. It's made my 'meh' list.

Later on I might rank the new 52's I've read...

Personally I'm looking forward to Batgirl and Batman & Robin next week!

And to the end of the month for...yes I know...AQUAMAN!!! He's been must read material!!!! All laughing aside, you should read him. I've got a new respect for him now, and the stories are both funny and action packed. I can't believe this, but I LOVE Aquaman!

Regarding JLI, I generally see teams that go past 4 characters very hard to write for. It becomes to much of a game of musical chairs trying to shift the spotlight around to warrant the character even having a spot on the team. I am a huge Batman fan but there makes absolutely no sense for Bats to be here. It really comes across as they threw him into the mix because the title was just a bunch of 2nd tier superheroes and they were afriad the title would fail without a big leaguer. JLI has a massive 9 members!

Green Lantern - Guy Gardner
Booster Gold
Rocket Red
August General in Iron

They need to shave of at least 3 minimum. As I said 4 is a good total, 6 is a maximum. Kinda like a good RP group. The regular Justice League can survive on 7 members because outside of Cyborg everyone else has their own title or is just an established character they can survive falling into the background for an arc. Dealing with more minor characters that can't last.

My buddy called the JLI what it is: what Political Correctness would do to the Justice League if it ever was forced upon them. Like the UN, it's a nice idea that works poorly in practice and is best left as a figurehead while the real work gets done behind the scenes.

I know it's nice to have a whole bunch of people around the world working together and stuff...but come on! We either like you or we don't. I seriously don't think people hate Batman for the Flash for being American.

I think the X-Men did the best job of this. We think of the characters first and nationalities second, and thus, we care about the team. Right now I'm still focused on countries.

And my senorita was very angry that they didn't take a Spanish speaker

From what I've read, they don't have much for Vixen, Fire, or Ice. Godiva is the hottie that wants Booster Gold, but all she really does is make her hair grow! That's it! I can deal with the GL, Godiva, the General, and Rocket Red...I really think the others are just there because of the nations they represent. Which basically reinforces the whole 'PC is nice but ruins everything' vibe my buddy had

But then, I get it for free, so how much am I really whining?

Vixen needs to go. We're four issues in and I think she's had like 4 lines. Mari deserves better than what shes getting which is nothing. Put her in Batwing in a supporting role, I might start reading Batwing.

I dont know General in Iron all that much. Losing him would not bother me at all. I really have no desire to hear constant China vs Russia bickering between him and Rocket Red.

Godiva ....Really? "Super hair" compared with some of these others is just... Look I know Batman doesnt have any super powers himself but seriously prehensile hair? If you have a character thats going to only have something like that as their premise in a massive superhero group you need more character development than the pretty blonde that wants to flirt with Booster Gold. Because thats all she has going for her right now.

I read Batwing. It's trying to find its footing but it's ok. I'm actually somewhat shocked at the violent content and think it should be rated higher, but as a story, it goes hand in hand with what many of my refugees tell me. Maybe that's why it means more to me...lots of horrible stuff like this happens in Africa every day while we cry over here about how life isn't fair.

Yep. Superhair. THAT is her power. I couldn't make this up.

Again though. all this craziness will be made whole again once Batgirl returns. That's one of my favorite series...probably tied with Aquaman.

The only Bat titles I don't pick up right now are Batwing, Batwoman, Birds of Prey and Redhood and the Outlaws. Wow, they did their best to mass produce some of the 'money makers'. I've been sticking with the other titles hoping that some of them will get better. But I'm not sure I'll hold out much longer for some of them. Issue 4 is coming up for the new DC and it is decision time for what I'm going to keep reading.

Okay I have been loving Suicide Squad despite some of the dislikes of Harley's new design. Was curious if anyone saw the blog post on the upcoming Suicide Squad #6 & #7 on the main DC site? Given the "Joker face" plot hook that was done in Detective Comics and left rather open ended and this


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