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Comic Book Wednesdays, What did you get?

Originally Posted by Zeitgeist71 View Post
Really? I felt it was completely and totally unreadable. Then again, with the exception of the new Action Comics series, I have never like Grant Morrison. He destroyed X-Men for me for YEARS (to the point that Marvel retconned everything he did, with good reason).

He's a good writer, he just has no business doing superhero books. Well, Action Comics is really good, but I'm thinking it's because he's pretty locked in editorially.
Agreed entirely. And I don't even like the Action Comics stuff he's doing. Superman is not whiny, emo, and a member of the 'Participation Trophy/Everyone matters no matter how useless they are' generation

But hey, we all have our opinions I'm learning that I like Gail Simone and whoever that dude is who writes Aquaman

This week I picked up.
Batgirl #4 a solid read. I like Gail Simone and really miss the Secret Six.
Batman and Robin #4. I'm still on the fence with this one.
Demon Knights #4
Green Lantern #4. Which I have liked but Geoff Johns run on Aquaman has been better. I'm starting to think Geoff Johns has been spread a bit too far. Three titles may be too much for him to juggle.
Legion Lost#4. I'm a bigtime fan of the Legion but the Legion titles have been just alright for me.
The Ray #1: I haven't read this one yet but I really like the character.
The Shade #3: No opinion yet.
Superboy #4: This is on the ropes. If I'm not happy with this issue, it will probably get the axe.

Non DC Titles
Severed#5: Is anyone else reading this?

Sweet Tooth from Vertigo. I picked this up in a trade paperback. Pretty good read. I'm going to get the 2nd trade.

I've started reading most of the new 52. It's time to start weeding out the some of the titles. Anyone else start a bunch of the titles and getting near the point of deciding what is worth keeping?

Deal @Batgirl Share reactions later?

Hmm... Interested in your reaction to those Steph Brown issues you read. I'm getting the impression a part of this is going to be personal taste, but... Am I right in thinking it was the first part of the opening arc?

To put it into context (don't know if you have it)

Did you read up to Barbara acknowledging her as Batgirl? That changed the relationship between the two quite a bit.

Did you read up to Barbara acknowledging her as Batgirl? That changed the relationship between the two quite a bit.
No. To be honest, Hammie only looked at a few Wonder Woman comics between 1989ish and the present. The New 52 was a way of getting back in. I read the earlier Batgirl and found them interesting, but finally decided I should save my money and go with the new one. Having enjoyed Gail Simone's work in WW I tried her in Batgirl and I really like it. Great character development...the thought bubbles make her very real to me, and she'll have you laughing out loud with some of her points. Other times you'll want to give her a hug. And other times you want to pat her on the back. All I can say is that you'll fall in love with her and all will be excused.

Deal @Batgirl Share reactions later?
That makes such a routine action sound scandalous! Oh yes! I'm all over that like white on rice!

Well, I've picked up issues 1-3. If I like them, I'll run to 4, but for now, I'll just look at those three. Little late for me though, so I hope you'll forgive me if I wait till tomorrow before giving feedback. I want to give them a fair shake.

Oh, and has anyone picked up X-Club? Last week, I know, but the idea seemed interesting, and made me consider picking up a Marvel book for the first time in a while.

Yesterday's pulls

Batman and Robin
Green Lantern
Suicide Squad

Minor Spoilers may follow -

Batman and Robin #4 - Alright its about damn time they gave me a reason to not hate Damien and want to leave him as a red smear on the pavement of the highway. Finally I have a reason to sympathize with him and actually want to read this title. I'm not fully sold on this still but #4 is at least going to keep me around a bit longer because I was about to jump ship if this last issue had been like the first three. I'm also disappointed the dog didnt get named Ace but thats just me wishing for a nod to the past.

Batgirl #4 - More hints at the reason Barbara can walk with the mention of a clinic in South Africa. Not sure where this is going now. Also I loved the concept of the street thugs being smart enough to be making use of modern technology and the Bat-App thing. HA! As for the rest of things. All I can leave it with is "In Simone I Trust" because the ending to this one and the previews for the next two titles along with these "new" villains really have me going....Meh.

Batwoman #4 - Well DAYUM! What a opening bit of comic. Holy H - E - Double Hockey Sticks. And thank goodness that they finally gave Kate a LITTLE bit of color in this issue. I know the artwork is gorgeous but the nearly Joker level of bleached chalk skin that they were giving Kate bugged me to no end. Curious to see how this all pans out.

Green Lantern #4 - I've been really enjoying the series thus far. I wish the issues were a couple pages longer though. They just seem to end so quickly. The Hal/Sinestro dynamic is really well done in my opinion. I'm curious how this is going to go through because the previews that went up for #7 after this arc is over are indicating Hal and Sinestro are still doing the team thing. I really dont Johns to wear this "buddy cop" team up thing to thin. Sinestro however continues to prove he is bad-ass.

Suicide Squad #4 - I continue to love this book so much. Yes I'm a Deadshot and Harley junkie. And outside of the costume change to Harley being a bit...under dressed, I don't mind the change to her. I love the double crosses going on, and King Sharks facial expression after Boomerang tried to set off the bombs was priceless. Can't wait for this one to move to Gotham for the next major arc.

Sooooo. Mostly DC again.

Batman: My favorite Bat title. Batgirl is right up there too.

Batman Incorporated: Leviathan Strikes. Grant Morrison on Batman. The dealer recommended it. Hope it was worth it.

Blue Beetle is actually a pretty good read.

Green Lantern Corps

Justice league

Legion of Super-Heroes


Sweet Tooth: 2nd Trade PB. I'm really liking this.

Non DC

Ultimate Spiderman: Its not Peter Parker but I still like it.

So for ya'll DC honks I've a recommendation. Absolute Hush is a must by if you either haven't read through the arc or are a fan of the arc (I was the latter). It's tag is a little pricey but well worth it. The book itself is freakin' huge and absolutely beautiful. The whole arc collected in one hardback with a sexy slip cover. Anyway there's my two cents.

Absolute Hush

My one word review of Batwoman #4:



I. Just. Love. EVERYTHING! So good. Kinda brutal. And hawt. And sad.

Did I mention love?

One of the larger weeks for me this week -

Batman #4
Birds of Prey#4
DC Universe Presents#4
Justice League#4

Only issue I havent gotten to read yet has been Batman. Overall a fairly strong week in terms of titles I think.


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