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Looking for a good intro module for 3.5

Looking for a good intro module for 3.5

Ok, my local MtG group are looking to branch out into RPGs, with 3.5 as their start point.

Now, as there are only 2 of us in the group who have done more than dabble in RPG's that aren't on a PS3, I've volunteered to GM for the group.

I originally considered just getting one of the hundred odd modules I had and running it, but I saw a problem with that, namely that people wouldn't get character creation. Sure, you can help people go through it, but without experience, how does a player know whether they want to use a Wizard or Sorcerer, or whether they want their dual wield to be Kurki's or Light Picks? You get the idea.

So my thought was to use a module that comes with premade characters designed for it. However, having looked through about 30 gig of PDF's, I don't seem to have one, so that's my question, does anyone know a pre-made module that comes with characters (or hell, just somewhere with basic characters that will fit a level 1 module, its so long since I started playing that I don't have any of those resources anymore, I have things like Magic of Incarnum and Tome of Magic, but not basics stuff)?

You *could* just stat them up some basic characters, and let them go from there. An elven ranger, half-orc barbarian, dwarven cleric, and human sorceror would make a pretty good team for such a module, though you're free to customize/optimize to your heart's content.

Keep it simple for their first game, and if they seem to like the system, you can start adding more complex things.

I find letting PC's have some say over their character creation is almost always better.

Only really advanced players (or conversely, rare players with no direction) seem to enjoy premades.

Dalar's words are probably best.

Shoot them into an easy setting you're comfortable with and go with it.

Yeah, I just wanted to see if there were any true pre-mades with pre-made characters floating around.

And my main reason for considering pre-mades was that one of the guys asked for it so that they could get the idea of how a reasonable character works before they try to make one themselves.

The MW Module is being worked on to create a "True" premade as you say, with full characters and beginners notes and such, but that isn't going to be ready any time soon, though I will say the progress on it is really coming along nicely.

The artwork, character design, plot, all that.

If you have the funds, you could hit up e-bay or a game storm in your area in hopes of finding a D&D 3.5 Box Set.

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