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Two Weapon Fighting

Nice! One thing I really like about 4e is that there are some really good combos like this. The polearm momentum builds for fighters are similar--really powerful, if you do it right.

At any rate, for our OP--this might be a nice viable build option for you, if you want to stick with assassin. Being able to ignore resistances means that you'll be imposing some nasty damage.

Naleh: Its not that I'm unused to building them by hand. On the contrary, I have always previously built characters on paper and built them up throughout the levels that way. its just that the online tool doesn't fully explain at times why you have that stats that you do. And I may just be nerotic, but I really like to understand what adds with what to get those numbers and such. Which I tend to get when I'm the one physically looking up stuff and writing them down on paper. I hope all that made sense. I also understand the way one handed, two handed, etc. works; however your clarification on the versatile property as well as the two handed v. double weapons was enlightening. I understand what you mean. So thanks for that. Its greatly appreciated.

Cnyperos: I love the idea of that assasins build, except I'm a drow not a human, which can be easily worked around. I do really love the idea of killing people with a Xen'drick boomerang.

I thank you all sooo much for being so amazingly helpful and kind in your answers. It definitely veered off its topic and for that I apologize. You all have been so very helpful and have given me lots of food for thought and a bit of a better idea as to what I really want to do with my character. Needless to say I'm going to change her up, prolly to make her more along the lines of what Cnyperos is suggesting.

Also, my dm just so happens to be my bf (poor fellow I know :P) and he did tell me when I brought up the starting coin/items thing that he had realized the coinage/items weren't up to where they should be for 5th level. He suggested our choice of three magical items (within reason) plus whatever gold and then we can do whatever we want with the gold. How much gold would you suggest giving a character to start with to buy items and such?

Just remember, try and find a way to convince your DM to allow you to get a hold of Drow poison, knocking suckers unconsious for the entire encountr is nasty.

For your 4th 5th and 6th level items I'd suggest:
  • Chainreach Broadsword(or longsword) +1 lvl 5
  • Amulet of Protection +2 lvl 6
  • Leather Battle Harness +1 level 4
After that you'd get 840 gold to spend (The cost of a 4th level item).

I'd suggest getting atleast 5 elixers of Lesser Invisibility (500 gold total) and 4 Vials of Darkness (200 gold) That leaves 140 gold... If you have a ritual caster that knows the Enchant magic item ritual (Or you can bully him into getting it) you could turn it all into residuum, or what ever the standard ritual components are now, and save up so you can have him make you a spiderkissed broadsword(or longsword) +2. It will cost 2600 gold/ritual components but he can also break down the Chainreach weapon to get 200 gold worth of residuum back to spend on it.

Otherwise just put it back in your floating etheral bank that is the character sheet not caring about how much money you are carrying, and try to find someone to buy/steal/loot it from.

Ah, fair enough. Glad some of what I said was still helpful.

The DMG recommendation for starting wealth is one magic item of your level + 1, one magic item of your level, one magic item of your level - 1, and gold equivalent to a magic item of your level - 1.

I always thought that your weapon options were controlled by the power you chose to use. If, like some Ranger powers, it has a requirement of "must be wielding two melee weapons", then you are attacking with two weapons. Other than that, holding two weapons has no effect other than reducing your AC because you don't have a shield. With most powers, whether you have a weapon in each hand or not makes no difference, you roll the same attack and do the same damage.

True, but there are feats that let you deal extra damage and give you shield bonus's to AC when weilding multiple weapons. Rangers aren't the only ones to use two weapons either, there is a fighter build that deals with two weapon fighting, and I think a few seeker powers (though those might just be needing to be using a Heavy Thrown weapon).

Originally Posted by mantra99 View Post
There's a barbarian build as well. It may not be the most powerful build out there but it's a lot of fun to play.


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