House Rules

House Rules

This is the current version of the House Rules PDF for AEC.

Here is the page where the LL Core and AEC rules can be downloaded.
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Start with 5001xp
Alignments allowed are LG, NG, CG, LN and druids only TN
Awarded XP will be double book value to make up for slow PbP advancement.

Apps need completed Character Sheet
Pre-Adventuring career background
Character Description, this can be worked into the background.
Max HP+4 at first level only! Roll for subsequent levels.
Equip as a first level character. Roll for gold and purchase equipment.

Rules for Weapon Specialization

When created a fighter, ranger or paladin (including multi-classed versions) select one melee weapon to be their signature weapon. The fighter's skills with that weapon increase as they raise in levels.

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