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Need an answer ASAP regarding the Vistani

Need an answer ASAP regarding the Vistani

For the love of everything I know there is a group of pure evil vistani who try their best to avoid the non vistani and I do believe there is something to do with ritualistic murder but I can not remember the name, if anyone can help me that would be awesome!

So, a quick scan of Google gave me a Wikipedia page, which has two possible answers: Darklings and Dukkar(s)

As I've only had the opportunity to play in a single Ravenloft game, I can't comment beyond that article. That said, one would infer that you're thinking of the Darklings, since there is currently only one Dukkar.

Dalar's right with naming Dukkars and Darklings as the most likely possibilities.

A Dukkar is a male Vistani possessing the sight and being raised to adulthood.
Dukkars, rare as they are, are harbingers of doom - often doom for the tribes and are thus killed as soon as possible.

Darklings are Vistani exiled from their tribe for 'heinous crimes'.
Originally Posted by Van Richten's Guide to the Vistani
Over time, he looses the balance, the naturalness, that the Vistani so prize, and becomes a darkling, an evil creature with a twisted mind.
Originally Posted by Ravenloft Monstrous Compendium
The darkling is a member of the Vistani who has been cast out from his people. No longer tied to the fabric of the demiplane in the same way that he once was, the darkling becomes more and more evil with the passing of time. In the end, he or she is utterly corrupted by the gloom of the surrounding land.
Habitat/Society: Having been cast out of the Vistani society for some crime or wrongful act, the darkling often gathers a band of human thugs around him and takes up a life of heinous crime and wandering brutality.
Often, a darkling will work toward some grand scheme which he feels will allow him to escape from the domain he is imprisoned in (or even from Ravenloft itself) and strike back at his former people in some way.
Neither book mentions anything specific about ritual murder, though.

It looks like the whole 'stop the harbinger from destroying our tribe' could be done with a ritual murder...

Wonder if it was something you read in one of the novels that poetically added a twist to this.

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