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Creating a Vampire Template

Creating a Vampire Template

So I am in a private game using the GURPS rules. It is a superhero game, where my character has a powerset similar to vampires. Basically they were real, but weren't actually monsters, but genetic anomalies who over time, legends and stories vastly exaggerated into the vampires we have now.

This is the look now.

What I want to do is change some things around. Namely:

Remove Regrowth from Vampiric Toughness, Lower the Blood Pool by half, and change the Psychic Vampirism to this.

Leech 1 (Blood Agent, -40%; Heals FP, +60%; Temporary Disadvantage, -15%) [27]

Sharp Teeth [1]
New Psychic Vampirism

I also want to somehow change the HP to strength plus HP, as he is a hybrid mentalist vamp and physical vamp.

These are his other powers outside the template.

Flight(Cannot Hover, -15%; Requires Surface, -20%; Nuisance Effect (Direction), -10%; Nuisance Effect; Requires Ready Maneuver to change gravity direction, -5%, Uses ground/jump based skills instead of flying skills, +20%) [28]
Alter Personal Gravity This is also another power I wanted to add somehow.

Really I just need help bringing all this stuff together cohesively.

You may want to add in more hinderance based on classic vampire mythos, can't cross running water, can't enter holy ground, can't enter a house with out an inventation, must sleep in a coffin lined with soil from his home land, as OCD traits.

I wasn't actually thinking about adding, by going with the idea that it was simply a way for the Hunters to satanize the vampires. Ya know, a whole, "normal 'clean' people can do it, why can't they? Cuz they're EBIL." But I guess having them actually not able to would help, rather than hinder that idea.

But what would be the RL reason? They're really just immensely powerful psychics/adepts (this meaning sort of physical mystics).

The psychic natures of their mind lead to mental blocks, similar to those that come with asbergers or OCD. These rules are not enforced by a magical curse, or divine mandate, but are rules deeply coded into their mind that they can not willingly break. They can be knocked out and carried over a raging river, but if then need to arrange crossing it, they need to be in their coffin for the whole trip, because the rules are set in place by their own beliefs.

Huh. I'll have to look a Dread and try to figure something out. But I still need him to be able to operate in a meaningful sense. It'll do him no good as a super to not be able to get into houses, unless you count HELP! as an invitation (Artemis Fowl anyone?) and running water is just unpractical, depending on the GM's viciousness, what with plumbing and all.

Anyone know of some good lower point cost templates for Vampires or vampire like creatures?

EDIT: And apparently I fail at English.

It has to be above ground running water. Vampires can, traditionally, cross bridges just as easily as anyone else. So I assume they can't use their powers to cross running water. And die *in* running water. But all of that is highly mystical and you're going for biological freak.

So give them a water allergy. It's rare- but not impossible- for humans to react to water as if it was a serious iritant. For most with this condition, it's "relatively" mild in that it's just iritation. But some few respond to it in especially extreme ways

I don't really get how that makes any sense at all, biologically... or how the extreme examples don't die from their own saliva... but they *do* exist.

If your vampires have this condition. And *part* of the condition is that it temporarily nullifies their superhuman abilities. You could imagine they wouldn't be crossing much running water.

EDIT: Oh, look. Apparently some people with this condition are also unusually sensitive to sunlight! Damn. Must really suck to be them. Especially when some jackass shoves a wooden stake into their innards.

Can't it be both? Go for the one that most fits *your* concept.

Hypnotism, enhanced speed strenght and agility, slow levitation style flight... all oother tradition Vamp powers are too super natural.


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