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Creating a Vampire Template

You really think so? I've been trying to think outside the box with various anime and see what could be explained as psionic abilities. I could even see True Faith affecting them as a sort of latent psychic potential.

... Maybe some type of 'Empathic Sense' and True Faith is the equivilent of a high shrill note to this sense.

Vinom's on to something with that. Give them an inherent tele-empathic field. They can't shut it down. And it alters perceptions. Creates a feedback effect that essentially supresses the target's perception and will. Makes people suggestable. Sluggish. Gives an illusion that the vampire is indestructable. But really, it's all in the victim's head.

Which is why really strong willed humans are capable of defeating vampires. They're not really that tough. They're just protected by others' belief that they're indestructable.

And the true faith? Well, that just overwhelms the psychic effect. Turns it back on the vampire.

... Seems to me like a pretty kick ass concept there...

That's true. How would you model that?

I'm still fairly new to the whole system. Creating a template was an attempt to learn some of the rules and it has helped, but I'm still not 100% on how to do it all.

Plus it would explain some of the more exotic powers... they 'project' the feelings of being hunted and the fear of a predator, and biff bam boom, people 'see' a wolf.

Wow. He is rapidly becoming a subconscious psychic monster, which is awesome. Much more intriguing to play than some kid who got powers in an NDE. Also helps explain vampire mythos into the game.

EDIT: I'd also like to point out, Kasey (the character) is the first public resurgence of the Vampire powerset in several decades, if not centuries. So Uncontrollable on a lot of the more 'legendary' powers wouldn't be out of place.

Right. And it explains more the wide and random assortment of powers. The conflicting reports. Your "breed" of supernatural could be responsible for horrors ranging from Banshee to Wendigo to Selkie to Djinn and Demons.

The weak willed would be easy to command. "I am the most beautiful being you have ever known" or "I offer this barter for your soul"... yeah... this is how entire mythologies get born.

They could be basically *human* in abilities except for this psychic field and still be worshipped as gods or feared as unholy monsters. Toss even the most rudimentary of telepathic ability on top of the effect and they'd be unstoppable in personal combat.

How would I model the psychic field? Mind Control always on? With some Cosmic, and like Aura or whatever it is? Possibly my last post for tonight, having trouble staying awake.

But also so we don't forget there are physical variations that could be simply psychically enhanced abilities and Kasey has a hybridized (or contaminated, depending on who you ask) strain of vampirism.

The pale skin could be a result of more of the beings blood directed to the brain, to fuel his powers.

I do appologize, but I don't know the system well enough to make functional recommendations.

Wait so I get the Dread and then multiply its frequency by the distance thing? That seems like the default vampire template should have a lot more disadvantage points than it does. I mean, Dread (Running Water) is only -20 points. That's possible if we assume Running Water is only a Common occurrence, instead of a Very Common one. But....really? Only Common? I can count 3 instances of running water between my house and the nearest school (a 5 minute drive, literally at the opposite end of the street). That's in a fairly atypical place.


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