Dwellers of the Forbidden City - LL AEC

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Dwellers of the Forbidden City - LL AEC

Advanced Adventures - Forum
Dungeons & Dragons (AD&D) and clones
Estimated Members Requested: 1

I will be running a group of four characters through I1 Dwellers of the Forbidden City, an old TSR module for the first edition of Advanced Dungeons and Dragons. We will be using house-ruled Labyrinth Lord and the Advanced Edition Companion for this game which should emulate 1st ed. Rules pretty well. As the game was requested by SCARY WIZARD, he has already taken one of the slots. The other three will be competitively selected from applications. Check out the house rule PDF here. Download the free LL and AEC PDFs here, roll stats for a character here, and post the character in this thread.

Create the character you want don't worry about what the party needs! I am much more concerned that the players have fun and create a character that they want to play than that the party be balanced.

Start with 5001xp
Alignments allowed are LG, NG, CG, LN and druids only TN
Awarded XP will be double book value to make up for slow PbP advancement.

Apps need completed Character Sheet, which will use a template not the PHP sheet provided for the game.
Pre-Adventuring career background
Character Description, this can be worked into the background.
Max HP+4 at first level only! Roll for subsequent levels.
Equip as a first level character. Roll for gold and purchase equipment.

Selected players will take some time before the adventure to work together to describe their adventuring career thus far; One or two adventures with some accomplishments (Vohg skewered that bugbear that was about to take Mishka’s head off with his cudgel.) This is to get the players to know the other character and to get into the mindset of them already being a group.

Selected characters will divide the following loot from their previous adventures (less cost of living and training.)

Gold necklace made to look like it is made of oak leaves 500gp
500gp Emerald
Statue; elven woman carved of maple wood inlaid with gold and platinum 500gp
10 gems (2 100 gp Opal, 4 50gp bloodstones, 4 25gp Moonstones)
Platinum ring with five fire opals in star pattern 500gp

Potion of Sweet Water
Potion of ESP
Potion of Healing
Potion of Healing

Sword +1, +2 vs. Spell Casters
Ring of Protection +1
Gauntlets of Ogre Power (18 FRP) to CFT
Shield +1

Game Description:

You and your comrades in arms have enjoyed a few successes against local foes of Baron Lokk Mathias’ lands. Over the last couple of years you have brought peace to the barony and even feasted in the great hall of Castle Azzenrock. You have tasted the smallest sample of wealth and glory.

For several months, possibly even years, there have been reports of banditry in the jungles to the south of the Kingdom. Merchants carrying precious loads of rare goods from the jungle lands have been waylaid, their goods taken and their men captured or killed. Even then, those who survived these raids had to face headhunters, brain fever, giant leeches, cannibals, and leopards. Few men ever returned.

The stories they told were fantastic and addled, surely brought about by disease and the horrors with which they had to deal. Singing snakes, twisted and deformed ape-men, men who were not men, and writhing, horrid flowers filled their tales -surely such things were not to be believed. Nonetheless, something had destroyed the caravans.

Furthermore, none of the goods taken from the caravans has ever appeared in the markets of the north, at least as far as the merchants can tell. Some were certainly identifiable - rare pieces of art, scrolls, books, and other items destined to fetch good prices in the kingdoms of the north. It could only mean that someone or something was hoarding a great treasure in the jungle.

Though you have heard the stories before they were always tales of far off lands, but as the local challenges began to dry up and the tales of lost treasure began to add up to a fortune beyond the imagination of most men the lure began to nag at you and your comrades.

Then Cassius Mar, an extremely wealthy local merchant lost his third caravan in the jungle. Left with the choice of permanently reducing his profits by paying Kelian Merchant Marines to transport his goods around the jungle or doing something bold and drastic, he put out word that he would pay all travel expenses for any punitive expedition that succeeded in stopping the banditry so that he could safely move goods through the jungle.

Your group successfully negotiated the terms, finalized preparations to depart for the southern jungle, and spent two-weeks traveling just to get to the edge of the kingdom to where small tribal villages eked out a substantive living in the shadow of the darker jungle.

B/X D&D - When you absolutely positively want to fantasy role play!
Mini Six - For everything else!
A Thread for Players of Older Editions of D&D and Clones
Thanks for hosting this classic module! I see there are already 4 players applying, but I'll toss my hat in the ring, both for joining at the start of gameplay, or to add to the mix during the campaign.

Malchemy, This is a competitive ad not first come first serve so I would encourage you to apply. Currently I only have two applications. A few others that are milling it over. So please apply.

Originally Posted by Black Wyvern View Post
So what all this long windedness gets to is that I am pretty sure my game is in the right category.
I was thinking of adding a word to help prevent future confusion. OD&D Variants/Types/Family which d'ya think is best or have you got a better one?

Plugsy, I kind of like "family" just seems to take in the clones as well as the original editions more concisely in my mind anyway. Any would work though.

Hi, I am interested. I don't own any LL stuff but, like Vale, I actually own a 1st Edition PHB (Wizard Cover) along with several other 1st Edition books. Will those work?

Sam Crow, The basics are the same but there are enough differences you really should download the free pdf versions that I linked to in the body of the ad or my signature. You wont have to read much though as the essence is pretty much the same. Goblinoid Games touts AEC as 1st edition the way we really played it. Which is probably true for almost everyone that came to AD&D from one of the basic sets.

Welcome t1g13 if you need any help with the site don't hesitate to ask. Thanks for your interest.

I'm interested in submitting a character for consideration, but have a bit of a time crunch right now. You've mentioned that you are going to keep the ad up for a while to allow more applicants for consideration. When are you going to make your decisions? If it is in the next day or two I won't have time, but if it is at the end of the week or later I'll submit an application.

I am planning on keeping the ad up until Friday morning. Then probably give the players another week to get some common ground and divide the previously acquired loot before we actually begin.


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