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Gotham's Finest

Gotham's Finest - Forum
World of Darkness
Estimated Members Requested: 2

Gotham's Finest

Gotham City Police Department

Duties & Responsibilities:
Work in this position consists of the enforcement of City, County and State laws and ordinances, routine patrol assignments in a designated area, traffic control and preliminary investigation of complaints and accidents. The employee in this position must display maturity and discipline in handling emergency and crisis situation. The employee must be able to exercise good judgment and tact in dealing with the public. Work in this position involves an element of danger requiring the employee to be constantly aware of changing situations and to be adaptable to these changes.

The Setting and Rules

Gotham's Finest is set in an alternate DC Universe Earth using various sources (Comics, Animated Show, Games, Movies, Etc.) as inspiration. Batman has vanished from the shadows of the city, very early in his career. Bruce Wayne's story has him listed that he was in a "car crash" for his current apparent handicap state. The various crime families and psychopaths that infest the city are starting to notice the disappearance of the Bat now and the city is becoming a cesspool of lawlessness once again. The game is primarily using the Christopher Nolan movies (Batman Begins/The Dark Knight/Dark Knight Rises) as its main inspiration in the dark reality of the world and the fact that no other superheroes exist. This however doesn't mean that some of Bat's villains with superpowers aren't going to show up at some point. Much of how many famous faces develop in the city will be based on the PCs and their interaction with them. The game makes use of the NWoD Storyteller system by White Wolf,Inc with a few minor house rules. Most of said house rules will be those noted in various NWoD supplements such as Mirrors and Armory: Reloaded. Players do not need any understanding of real world Law Enforcement proceduces and/or policy. I work for the police department in real life as well as being a qualified EMT in real life. I am happy to explain anything that is grossly done in error so we can have it corrected. Otherwise a lot of things will be hand waved for the sake of plot and entertainment value.

Posting and Communication

In terms of posting rate I generally still like to say 1+/day. It's a great thing to shoot for but I do understand that it usually becomes a impossible dream. Yes, I'll say 1+/day is what I want but truly expect it to be closer to 1/every other day. I'm not going to a lock players into a posting rate that I can't maintain myself given my real life occupation and schedule. My biggest thing is communication. Anyone that has played with me before knows how much I harp on it. If you post in the OOC thread on a regular basis and make it obvious you are active, a slower posting rate isnt as big a deal. Letting other players and myself as the ST know whats going on IRL when things come up is an important aspect of a game surviving in the PbP enviroment . Random disappearances for a week at a time with no explanation doesnt cut it more than once with me. We all get real life crops up unexpected at times. I dont need a full medical disclosure if something happens, but I do need to know that *SOMETHING* is going on. You need a few days off to de-stress. By all means go for it. Let the group know though! Going on a planned vacation because of the holidays? Awesome. Don't leave for two weeks and then come back acting like its not a big deal. It is a big deal. I have the right to show you the door when it starts to become clear you are treating the game as nothing more than a way to waste time when you're bored online. Treat the game with respect, give the others you game with respect . Posting rate at that point can be flexible and I will do everything in my power to keep the game alive.

The Rundown at Current

Recently due to unavoidable real life matters I have lost two players. Because of that I'm going to reopen up a game ad to see if I can round up another player or two. I will be leaving the ad up with no cut off at this point in time until I can find solid replacements. I *HIGHLY* recommend people look over the game forum to get an idea of how the world is set up and what is going on within it. The game has been running now for over a year and a half here on Myth-Weavers, and it has over three years of design behind it. I understand a game with well over two hundred existing named NPCs can be a bit intimidating. I promise however that I am a very understanding and patient Storyteller when people actually communicate to me. Also please try to not make extremely corrupt characters (at start). Gotham is a very dirty and crooked city, but the PCs should be at least trying to not subcome to the unethical and dirtydealing of the city's underbelly.

Character Creation

All characters will be part of the Gotham City Police Department, as sworn officers. Because of this there are a few minimum requirements to builds, since I do honestly want realistic officers. These can be located in the character creation section of the game's Wiki. XP will be handed out to players *after* I get a base character presented to me and it is approved. I don’t give out extra XP before general character creation is complete to have people prove they can make well rounded characters and avoid people from front loading. Not knowing if you’re getting 5 or 30+ XP forces you to build a workable character out of the gate. Patrol Unit themed character are prefered, however I will not straight up deny any Detective, K9, Bomb Squad, or SWAT themed ideas. Allowed source books will include -
  • World of Darkness Core
  • Dogs of War
  • Asylum
  • Armory
  • Tales from the 13th Precinct
  • Midnight Roads

If it comes from ANY other source book, I MUST approve it first.

*Spelunker and Parkour Movement trees are approved. Most Fighting Styles per Armory: Reloaded will be approved, however as stated I must be advised of interest first. Non-Splat supernatural-type Merits, such as those found in Second Sight are 99.8% likely to be denied. Please dont try and make a psychic or anything. The chance that you might gain "powers" can certainly come up but it will happen in game via RP. As characters are non-splat mortals, there is no additional XP given for morality drop.

Please post applications in this thread. Any questions may be posted here as well.
  • (1 Paragraph or more. Pictures are strongly encouraged. Please see forum's credits page for Actors used.)
  • (1 Paragraph or more)
  • (2 Paragraphs or more)
  • Character Sheet

Interest / Submissions
Zell - Vincent McCall (Complete)
Krimson - Sam Tyler (Complete)
King of the Jakers - Jacob Anderson (Complete)
Witchslasher - Taylor Kavanaugh (Complete)
Josef Wilhelm -
scarletsorcerer - Evangeline Ashton (Complete)
Catharsis - Lee Kurobara (Complete)
Rennick - Daniel Callahan (Complete)
Kelgate - David Beckor (Complete)
SyntheticMeatbag - Matthew Conley (Complete)
mason_stone - James Bowen (Complete)
wolfman1911 - Eddie Overby (Complete)
Minty - Nicholas Cave (Complete)

Deadline - Jan 10th, 2012, 23:59 hrs EST

Game Description:

Gotham's Finest
Batman has vanished. The Caped Crusader is no longer patrolling the streets of Gotham. Crime and corruption have once again begun to flood the city streets. Can the men and woman that walk the thin blue line of the Gotham City Police Department handle the evil that threatens their city? Will they risk everything to protect their city from becoming Hell on Earth or will they become part of the cancer if only to manage to survive?

Gotham's Finest Wiki

Free NWoD Rules
Gotham's Finest
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Vincent McCall
Patrol Officer, GCPD

As you probably well know, my knowledge of nWoD is minimal. Truthfully I would probably need help putting a character together. Also my knowledge of the Batverse is limited to TAS, though I have seen the movies and other animated features. I've been pretty good at maintaining a regular posting rate, and I would be fine playing a patrol officer "out of the box" so to speak. Of course I'll understand if you want more experienced players. If you're ok with my lack of experience, my application will likely have the requested elements with the exception of the sheet, though I will do my best on that as well.

I have no issue with new players to the system, or even new to the Bat-Verse. The world as a whole is still very much in its beginning stages taking in the fact that a lot of the typical rogue gallery baddies havent become evil yet or are still in the process of their downward spiral. Its up to the PCs to direct their evolution. If you can promise me a stable posting rate I will be more than happy to help you build something to match your concept. I know your writing ability from other games so I'd be happy to have you attached.

I've been pretty good with posting regularly now. The only thing that would disrupt that would likely be my employer throwing big wads of money at me to work insane hours, which probably won't happen before spring. I'll think of a concept, probably a cop who may or may not be a rookie, but young enough to be idealistic. Not another Nick Yemana expy in any case. Help with a sheet would be great as it would be nice just to be able to RP and toss dice, and I often to have a lot of fun playing whatever is handed to me. I'll see about having the app soonish. Fortunately Xmas isn't eating a lot of my time.

Officer Sam Tyler

Character Sheet

@ Krimson - Good start. Once there is some background to work with we can start hashing out stats to match everything.

I'll work on a concept today at work and see about posting something tonight. For some reason I find daylight uninspiring for this character.


Do you have a close date in mind for the ad? Through the holiday I'm pretty full up with RL stuff, but I may be able to get something up before the new year if you'll have me.

Originally Posted by Game Ad
I will be leaving the ad up with no cut off at this point in time until I can find solid replacements.
So I will be leaving things open until I have solid applications. Also while I have said 2 applications, I may be willing to take more if I get solid players. The city is huge and I have enough storyhooks combined with the fact its PbP to run a fairly large group.


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