Scene: Zarina & Itomo Archery Lessons and Hi-jinks


Itomo's spirits rise at the prospect of getting to spend some time with Zarina. Putting his gloomy thoughts about Adsen Fox aside, he extends his long arm out and gives a gentle side hug to the petite Varisian. "I will help in whatever capacity I can, do you have something specific in mind?"

"We could start with the basics, how to avoid being hit, I bet I could rustle up some practice swords, or make some if none are to be found. Then move on to the counter attack, fooling your opponent into thinking you are vulnerable then turning his confidence against him. Or." He says giving her a sly smile and a wink. "Perhaps a bout of hand to hand sparring, wrestling maybe? Archery with bow or crossbow is something I could teach you as well. He stands energetically smoothing his fine clothing and looking down towards Zarina, he extends his hand to help her up. "Oh, si nu cred ca am uitat despre lecţiile de limba Mayhaps atunci cānd am terminat mă poţi īnvăţa să folosească limba mea mod corect."
Varisian: Oh and don't think I have forgotten about the language lessons. Mayhaps when we are done you can teach me to use my tongue the proper way.
In Varisian
He trys to contort his long face into a suave facade only to have it break into a boyish grin that wipes away any remaining vestiges of his earlier gloom.

Zarina Ka'thar

Reaching for Itomo's outstretched hand, Zarina uses it as leverage and springs up onto her feet. Her laugh only proves that she isn't quite immune to the Restovian's boyish grin. "I will warn you away from swords. Agility is not one of my best qualities. If it's not dancing then I'm rubbish at it. I'm afraid I might poke holes into your hide, and that would be a shame. You already had one such hole and it's best not to add any more." Before she could stop herself, her hand settles briefly on Itomo's chest where she healed the wound that was once there. Her hand draws back instantly and tucks her hair behind her ear instead, looking apologetic for having thoughtlessly touched him. Brushing past her awkwardness, she continues, "I'm hardly dressed for something as strenuous as wrestling. Besides, I doubt someone my size could best someone as tall as you." She wrinkles her brow, considering the last option as her scarves blow about in the breeze.

"Perhaps archery would be good," she ventures, giving him a self-conscious smile. "I'm not exactly keen on getting too close to an enemy." The memory of the mite right after her mace bashed its skull in turns her stomach a bit. Zarina shakes the memory off and picks her chin up, coming to a decision. "Yes. Archery. And if you can teach me how to shoot an arrow decently enough, then you'll get those language lessons in return," she replies cheekily. Oh poor Itomo, he definitely has his work cut out for him.

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