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Link, Hero of Time

The problem is that...

1. Almost all Ranger powers require either two melee weapons or a ranged weapon, and
2. Rangers cannot use shields.

So the sword-and-shield that Link is so famous for wouldn't be doable without extensive feats.

1. Suffering's End, Unstable Gash, Ranger's Resurgence, Flickering Blades, Ringing the Bell, Reproving Strikes, Bloodlust Strike, Attacks on the Run, Hawk's Talon, Wounded Beast, Disruptive Strike, Hunt's End, Hunting Partner Strike, Marauder's Rush and all Beast Powers (But I'm not using a Beastmaster anymore, but just saying) all do not require you to have two melee weapons equipped. Ranger's actually have a surprising amount of powers that do not require a weapon in each hand, and powers like Ranger's Resurgence and Disruptive Strike are actually quite good Ranger Powers as well. Even the powers from Giantslayer don't require two weapons.
2. One Shield Proficiency Feat. I even had enough room for Shield Mastery and Specialization.

Yes, there are 14 Ranger powers that could be used with a Melee weapon. (Not including Beast Powers, because I'm referring to a sword-and-board build.) 10 if you include anything pre-Epic, and I'd be very hard-pressed to build any of the Links at Epic levels.

I'm not saying you can't build Link as a Ranger. You totally, absolutely can, and I'd say it's one of the better base classes to use. But Rangers are frail and, while you can spend feats to give them shield and weapon proficiency and grab every single melee power to represent Link's sword skills (though his archery powers would consistently outweight his melee powers in this build), to me, personally, IMHO, yadda yadda... Link's a knight. I don't mean he blindly charges into danger, and I don't know why you're assuming I mean that, but the Master Sword is his most iconic weapon, and he should have a build where the Master Sword is utilized first and foremost. On the plus side, Fighters are also much more durable than Rangers, and most of the high points of Rangers (the smattering of archery powers and the skills) are available via multiclass feats.

But yeah, build your Link as you please, I've made my case.

I made Link a Half-elf Bard|Swordmage with elan heritage for telepathy and a bunch of burst 1 and 2 powers.

I just registered to say that. bump



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