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Crafting Armour

Crafting Armour

I am sure I have read somewhere how a character can craft thier own armour, I can no longer find it so does anyone know where I can find info on crafting armour, the item I read was using an annis hag it makes hide armour with DR.

Before you can make armor magical, you have to Craft the armor in the first place (and it has to be of masterwork quality).

After that, you'd need the Craft Magic Arms and Armor feat, along with any other prerequisites that a particular suit of armor has (such as spells, skill ranks, and the like).

Originally Posted by snakeman830 View Post
The Annis Hag has its own DR, the armor has nothing to do with that.
I cannot remember the book I read which gave the info, it did state that if you made hide armour from an annis hag you got the DR?

Hey I found the source it is a PDF on Druids and Druidism it explains how druids would seek specific animals to use as armour, they need an animal 1 size category bigger than themselves (a medium size creature needs a large size animal). The book is a 3rd ed and is a mine of information for druids, the annis hag I mentioned gives a DR of 1 but has a +5 rating.

The properties of armor are determined by the material and the dms input. There are no specific official recipes for any type of armor u can come up with. Youll need to work with your dm.

One point of DR for a +5 equivalent bonus (for pricing purposes) is an extremely poor trade.

Instead, you might consider slapping the "Invulnerability" special ability on your armor. It grands DR 5/magic for a +3 equivalent bonus, though if you face a lot of monsters whose attacks are treated as magic, it won't really do much. Still, it can be quite handy when dealing with hordes of mooks.

You might suggest to your DM that he take a look in the Draconomicon, specifically at how dragonhide armor and shields are done. He can use those as guidelines for pricing.

I'm inclined to think your annis hide armor would offer DR 1/bludgeoning as a nonmagical bonus. It would have to be of masterwork quality, but the DM should assign an extra cost for the unusual chemicals needed to properly treat the hide (aka balance the price).

Heck, non-magical adamantine armor can grant DR 3/-for 15,000 GP for heavy armor.


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