"Hired Guns:" Experimental Rotating GM RS-Like Game

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"Hired Guns:" Experimental Rotating GM RS-Like Game

Hired Guns - Forum
Star Wars Saga - Rebellion Era
Estimated Members Requested: 5

About The Game:
This is HIRED GUNS, a game about a mercenary team on the fringe of space during the Imperial Warlords era! (That's post-Endor, pre-Thrawn.) The PCs are a pirate gang that doesn't mind hiring out to all sides involved... but will they eventually pick one for good?

Well, I don't know. That's where you all come in. There are a few concepts at work here.

RS-Like: That's Rogue Squadron, and I mean the books. The characters are intended to be a bunch of fighter jocks who also do ground work, a la Rogue or Wraith--but unlike those characters, they start out having no alignment. The intent is for there to be a mix of ground and flying. Don't think that this doesn't leave room for intrigue, though! There are a lot of factions out there, and, well, Starfighters of Adumar was a RS book, after all!

Rotating GM: Based on a "seasonal" system another game I'm in has worked out. Expect to GM. This is required, so if you're not willing to, thank you for your time. Only one adventure at a time, though. (If the pace is anything like my other game, you'll have to GM for a month or two out of the year.) I will be GMing the first "season," which means I will be in the GM's seat first.

Experimental: You know how starship combat is kind of boring in SAGA for characters that aren't starship focused? You know how not-starship combat is kind of miserable for characters who are? I have a solution, and it's a little nuts. Check the house rules for more info, but basically, gestalt! (On the topic of house rules: the rules listed are really the only major ones I want to run with.

About Me:

I've been on this website for five years and played in a large number of games. Not many have lasted, but I'm in the second-oldest SAGA game on the site and a 4E game that's over two years old. I've played RPGs pretty much all my life, which is not long compared to some people around here but translates to over a decade of experience. I can be hot-headed at times, but these days it takes a little while for any kind of temper to get going. On the other hand, I love, LOVE GMing, and putting in the extra mile. (To the point where my gaming table uses some similar setups to a theatrical tech booth.) I'm a player-pleaser, I do admit, and my games tend to swing to the light-hearted side.

What I Want From You:

Okay, first off, I do not want character apps. I've noticed that a lot of the momentum that people generate is lost when they make their character and then the game starts weeks later. Instead, I'm going to be recruiting players, and then we'll build characters together. (The creation rules are posted, though, if you're interested.) As such, please give me the following info!

A quick bio (Nothing long; just "I've been playing games for this long and like this kind" is fine)
What kind of game you'd want this to be
An adventure idea (Can be as long or as short as you like)
How much of the Rogue Squadron series have you read, and did you prefer Stackpole or Allston? (Seriously, please answer this; don't need an essay, but would like to know. [b]Not having read the books will not disqualify you.[b])
Any character ideas yet? (Totally optional)

Posting Rate:

Okay, you know how people say "once per day?" That's sithspit. No one does that. We all know that some days you have ten million posts and then can't post for a week. The posting rate for this game is "don't slow the game down overmuch and tell us if you'll be gone."


When I get enough applications that I like, but probably no less than January 7th.

Questions? Comments? Concerns?

Please post in this thread!

Game Description:

Under the "leadership" of the grizzled pirate Delerno Fandanirri, the Mynock pirates/mercenaries/pilots for hire fly missions for whoever pays them the most! Starfighter action abounds in this SAGA Edition game based on the themes of the Rogue Squadron books!

The Mynocks have been greatly reduced in number--their captain dead along with most of their crew. Only a handful of pilots, a couple of droids, and a grizzled old Duros too mangled to fly on missions remain, but that's enough to run a pirate squadron out of a heavily-modified bulk transport. They'll fly for the highest bidder, just as they always have... but will the Mynocks, under new management now that everyone else is dead, start to develop ties of their own? The New Republic is on the cusp of beating back Zsinj's forces, but rumors of a living Grand Admiral are whispered in every backwater cantina. Now's the perfect time to pick one side... or the other!

Anyway, this cake is great! It's so delicious and moist.

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Well, a fifth SW game advertising at once. That has to be some sort of a record. But more seriously:

A game in the vein of the X-Wing series, with gestalt, and rotating GMs?

Consider me extremely interested.

Pseudo-App (In Progress)
Bio: I'm a member of three games right now, and I've been applying to a few more. Nearly all my RPG experience is based on PbP, and I've been on MW for about six months, although I lurked for a while before that. I'm currently GMing my first game, and although it isn't going as smoothly as I'd like, I'm learning some valuable lessons (for the love of God, don't split the party).

Prefered Game Type: A long running, sandbox-ish game that emphasizes the difficult economic realities of of running a down-on-its-luck, small-time mercenary company. Similar in ways to Firefly, I'd imagine that they're always looking to the next job to keep the fighters fueled and food in their bellies.

Adventure Idea: Deamon style computer takeover? (WIP)

Author Preference: You're a cruel, cruel man. Making me choose like this. My favorite three Star Wars books are by these two authors. I loved Stackpole's Bacta War, but then Allston has the Enemy Lines Duology. I'm big on brilliant naval maneuvers, particularly when trickery, deception, and the fog of war come into play. I'm a particular fan of the capture of the Virulence and operations Emperor's Hammer and Emperor's Lance. All-in-all, I'll have to give it to Allston, but it's a very close race. (Sidenote: I've read the entire series. It was the first Star Wars series I read way back in grade school--Hell, it was the first chapter book I ever read. Boy, that was a long, long time ago.)

Character Idea: I've been tossing around a Trandoshan for a bit, and I'd like to see how he'd play out. He'd be the group's bruiser, specializing in both hand to hand and vibroaxe combat. He'd be a big fan of intimidation, and his fighter would well represent that fact.
Image. On the lighter side of things, he'd also be big into Jagannath Point tallying, so I'd expect him to end up the Gimli to someone's Legolas, a la the Battle of Helm's Deep.

Weighing my time. Don't necessarily want to run anything else, but considering it anyways.
Sadly, I've not read any of the RS books (really very few of the books in general).
Tsuyo, you know my style, let me know if that will hinder me too much...

I've always kinda wondered what one could do with gestalt in a SW setting. Usually combined with a mad cackle.

BioBio: "I've been playing games for ..." You know what, I think I'm going to skip the number of years. I'm running a multi-GM Star Wars (2nd but 3rd officially, I know one is missing), Dresden Files (4th oldest, heh), DC Adventures (5th oldest), and a half-butt multi-GM 4E game. Also play in the 4th oldest Pathfinder. Oh, and inexplicably I'm also GM of one of the oldest Warhammer, but it doesn't count much since it's a hockey blood bowl game. So, basically, I tend to stick around. And yes, I realize that I am Bragging, and that bragging is bad. However, that's the least of reasons why I'm a bad person.

GameGame Style: I do poorly in overly serious or dramatic game environments, so as long as it is not that, I should be fine. If it is high drama- do us both a favor and boot me. I'll ruin it in short order without even realizing it.

AdventureAdventure Idea: Involving ships and ground, and pirates? I suppose finding a heavily damaged Imperial ship and raiding it, along with fending off other pirates.

AuthorsAuthor: Well, I can't honestly say that I've read all of the Rogue Squadron books. However, as a Battletech player from way back, I can say that I've read every BT book Stackpole put out, and read the RS books based solely on his name. I guess I'll go with Stackpole then, but simply because I don't have a suitable frame of reference on Allston.

CharacterNaw, no clue. I'll do something up later and fill a niche that needs filling. Personality wise- well, I'm not an actor, so really, I don't have a lot of different characters I play. Think you've met most of them already in other games. I basically rehash the same 3 or 4 personality-aspects of characters across a lot of games.

If the party are pirates (or pirate-like), do you plan on worrying about the crazy-levels of credits that creative PCs can make by being piratish? Not that Saga has the same worries as 3.5 has with magic items and all that, but kinda curious. After all, need to figure out how many levels we should get before we try to knock off an ISD and sell it to the Republic.

Ohhh, this sounds like so much fun.

About MeI have only been playing RPGs for seven years, and PbP for 5.

This would be my second time ever GMing, though it has been long enough that I have gotten over my fairly catasthrphic 1st attempt.

What I hope for in the gameI would like the see Our Intrepid (Anti-?) Heroes pull off the impossible through some mix of cunning, daring, panache, insanity, desperation, and just sheer bad-[CENSORED]itude.

Adventure HookThe heroes are hired to deal with a troublesome band of pirates. Unbeknownest to our intrepid heroes, the pirates are actually mercenaries in the employ of a subordinate of their employer, who is then selling the stolen hardware on the black market. Hilarity ensues.

BooksI have read or listened to audiobooks of Rogue Squadron, Wedge's Gamble, The Krytos Trap, The Bacta Wars, Isaard's Revenge, Wraith Squadron, and Starfighters of Aduumar. Between the two, I prefer Allston, because he includes characters not named Corran Horn as more than an afterthought.

CharacterA speed freak, adrenaline junky Duros. Perhaps with great mechanical aptitude.


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