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"In the north evil lives, and one of evil sings...and I hear the sound of wings."

And the Sky Was Painted With Fire - Forum
Dungeons & Dragons 3.5e - Dragonlance
Ad Closes: Feb 10 '12
Estimated Members Requested: 10

ďItís the sensible, logical thing to do, of course, which is whay we donít do it.Ē

-Tanis Half-Elven, Dragons of Autumn Twilight

I'm a long-time Dragonlance fan and happened to notice a criminal lack of DL games on the site. After no small amount of discussion on the Game Planning forum, I now propose this game to you all, gentle players.

This is going to be a War of the Lance Era Dragonlance campaign focused around two parties: a group of defectors from the Dragonarmies (Or at least would-be defectors) and a Group of Solamnic Knights tasked with infiltrating the Dragonarmies' stronghold of Sanction.

The Defector party will consist of 6 players and the Solamnics of 4. The defectors' story will begin with the would-be defection and the infiltrators' story will be them attempting to smuggle themselves into the City of Doom itself. From there it will sandbox a bit, as the players will have to decide what they want to do, where to go and who to trust. The parties may work against each other or work together, depending on how the players handle it. Either way, the Dragonarmies themselves will be nipping at your heels.

This is a setting that requires a bit of research. The Campaign Setting and War of the Lance books will cover all of the essentials in terms of the setting, deities, plot, etc. (and the motivations, history and objectives of the Green Dragonarmies), though Towers of High Sorcery is essential reading for any spellcasters.

The races are detailed in the Campaign Setting and get significantly more detailed descriptions in the Races of Ansalon supplement, which I highly recommend flipping through. Wikipedia and the DLnexus are good sources for a quick read up though and I put up a pretty quick and dirty Beginner's guide to Krynn up on the forum before I got the Ad up. However, if something is unclear or you have a specific question, always feel free to pester me. As I said, I'm a long-standing Dragonlance nerd, so it's pretty rare that there'll be something I won't be able to answer in short order.

If the Ads running time seems a bit long, there's a reason for it. While I don't think it'll impede me too much, I'm currently re-applying for my VISA to stay here in the U.K. and I've got until the beginning of February to get is squared away, thus I wanted to leave myself a bit of time to get that squared away before the game proper gets rolling.

Also, up in the forums are a couple of Prelude threads. They're to help me get an idea of the role players I'll be dealing with and the kinds of personalities your characters have. Anyone who has an app up may RP in them, but keep to the one specific to your particular app.

Game Description:

The year is 350 of the Ansalon Calendar and darkness reigns. The armies of the Dark Queen have taken Nordmaar and Balifor, driven the Elves from Silvanost and started skirmishes along the borders of Solamnia and Icereach. The Draconians, foul spawn of dark magics and the eggs of dragons, have helped bolster the success of the ground troops. The forces of light are scattered and weak, having lost much of their power with the disappearance of the Gods and the fallout of the Cataclysm.

But, all is not lost.

The Solamnic Knights, once proud defenders of good, have risen once again to face the forces of evil along their borders. However, in secret the Knights stationed in Solanthus have sent a unit of four specially selected knights on a stealth mission to investigate the emergence of the Draconians.

Meanwhile, in Sanction, the center of the Dragonarmies' power, Mages of the Black Robes have joined their hands in a most unusual experiment and have created Draconians from a batch of Chromatic Dragon eggs. These so-called Noble Draconians have exhibited greater power than their metallic brethren, but they seem less eager to fight for the Dark Queen. One such Draconian, a Noble Draconian given the name of Irian, has been looking for those who disagree with the Dragonarmies' methods within the Green Dragonarmy of the Dragon Highlord Salah-Khan, hoping to find allies with which to flee...

"Watch your back, shoot straight, conserve your ammo, and never, ever, cut a deal with a dragon"
Okay. So why would we be defecting? I need to know because if I made a Dark Knight, he would have to have a very good reason for defecting, risking death and losing SU powers and all. Otherwise I may choose another class entirely, I just want the character to make sense. NVMND Reread the ad ... duh. Failed Int check ...

Originally Posted by Siberys View Post
@Corellon: Rolls aren't allowed on the Ad, but you can pitch ideas here to me or PM me with possible ideas and I'll help you hash it out. I have no objections to multiple apps, but please only submit one per side. It'll keep things from getting too cluttered.
Okay, thanks for the reply. I just now noticed the Rolls thread too (oops), so that will work.

I also thought of a question regarding the Dark Knights--per canon they didn't exist during the War of the Lance. Ariakan was captured in the last year of the war (352) and they were created as a Lawful organization to avoid the internal strife which hurt Takhisis' forces during the War of the Lance. Are you glossing over that to allow people to play cool Knights of Takhisis?

Hmmm I roughly have 5k left over and already have all my magical items . Guess I could get a bunch of alchemical items or some fancy jewelry.

Basically, I'm treating the Dark Knights as a specific unit dedicated to serving the ideas of the Queen of Darkness rather than the law enforcing organization they become by the time the Chaos War rolls around. They're essentially a separate force from the Dragonarmies proper, serving Ariakas directly, but being assigned to the Dragonarmies to make sure things stay on track (essentially watching the Highlords for any treachery and assisting the Dragonarmies in achieving their aims).

Essentially it's only going to be the Knights of the Lily and the Knights of the Skull making up the force at the moment, since the Black Robed wizards serve Nuitari alone, and Takhisis isn't going to piss him off (yet) by making the Grey Robed mages of the Knights of the Thorn.

It's fudging, I know, but we're going to have Noble Draconians in this game, despite the fact that they weren't made until the end of the next year. I think we can fudge the Knights of Neraka into existence.

Hey Sib, I've had a strange inkling these last few days. To play a character who used to be a slaver, but now, instead of slaving, they are putting their "talents" towards hunting wanted criminals in what they believe will constitute atonement for their past sins.

This, this, and this probably represent what brought the concept around.

What are your thoughts on this kind of character?

My DL knowledge is limited, I have read some of the novels before, but I've never played in the setting, that wont stop me from finding out about it though and giving it a try. The only questions is whether its worth my time to write this character up or whether its going to be a straight out no.

Well, my first thought is where would this character fit into the overall conflict of the game. If he's a defector, he really would still be a slaver up until the defection since Sanction and Neraka make extensive use of slaves from defeated nations and press gang the native Sanction people into labor (heck, there's an Ogre Slaver class in Races of Ansalon)

If he's on the Solamnic side, unless he's a knight or has been associated with the knights extensively for some time, I see little reason why he'd be involved on the whole infiltration mission.

The concept's not bad, I'm just having a hard time seeing where it would fit in the current structure of things.

I dont usually like playing characters that inherently evil (as I view most who would choose to partake in the slave trade to be), but do find it interesting to play characters who are reformed evil.

I was looking through the 3.5 games that would assist me most in the creation of this type of character, and none of the others seemed to fit. Either too low a level, gestalt (cant stand it) or I didnt like the premise of the game. This one seemed to tick all the boxes to assist me in creating this type of character.

Upon re-reading your game intro, I think it would not be impossible for him to be working with the knights. Being a slaver he would have had, if not partaken in, smugglers and smuggling and therefore might know some backroutes into the area they are infiltrating. In the few years since he has given up the ways of a slaver he has been used to either hunt down and bring in escaped criminals, lead groups of people into dangerous regions, and generally act as a sort of spy. He can blend in with the denizens of the slummier sections of the world, with the evil and corrupt, but in his attempt for atonement for past sins he assists those with noble causes as much as he can.


Definitely workable, the Solamnics would see the point of having someone who knew their way around Sanction, which your character would if he stopped slaving sometime in the last 20 years or so.

Go on ahead and flesh it out, you've got me intrigued.

So let see so far thinking of having my character pose as a Kargonesti Diviner and White Robe Wizard of High Sorcery. I made him decently old, 370 years, probably very young for an Irda since from my understanding they can live more than 2500 years old. Like many Irda he strives to do good in the world but had decided to take a more active part in the world instead of staying hidden but of course, hides his nature even if most of the races don't remember what are the Irda anymore.

Knowing that his people have fought the evil ways of their ancestors, and having observed the time of darkness, Ronlyn Talanador couldn't just not do anything and occasionally protected the persecuted knights of Solamnia during this era or at least intervened to help them. When he heard a party was made to infiltrate enemy territories, he presented himself as Altarath Dawnsprinter, a kargonesti elf wizard wizard of the white robe working toward the goals of the gods of good and helping them in any way possible.

This is the basic idea of course, let me know what you think before I flesh it out.


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