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Problems with finding avatars for children!

Problems with finding avatars for children!

I'm facing a specific problem (not related to this board, it seems to be global): there are no pictures for use if your character is actually a child.

Now, don't get me wrong and think that I'm a but there are several very good character concepts that are essentially children. A human of 12 years, or, my recent idea, an elf of 15 or so years. Or something like that. Maybe a wizard who has to ask others for help with opening his massive spellbook since he's too weak to do that. Similar things. Think Kim from Rudyard Kipling's books, or Mowgli, or Anakin Skywalker, or similar characters.

Searching for avatars for these children is a huge problem. I usually manage to find an allright picture more or less in reasonable time, but the more I search I notice this weird fact: Every fantasy artist draws only adult elves, half-elves, halflings, gnomes, humans or whatever. There is no one "young", being less than an adolescent.
Is there a possible explanation for that, as in, some global character trait? Are people afraid of being accused pedophilia? Something third? Fourth? Did you come upon any of fantasy pictures representing children? I'd appreciate it if you did.

For example, my current idea is a young elf (15 years old at most) who was somehow separated from his family/community and ended as a survivor, beggar or adventurer. In game terms, he would be represented by a half-elf race even though he is a full-blooded elf (no longsword/rapier/longbow proficiencies, and not growing up among elves leaves some effects on his trance, perhaps making him seek shelter in dreams spontaneously. On the other hand, this survival instinct grants him adaptability (favored class: any)) or etc. You get my point.

Any help with finding artwork depicting fantasy youths or children is welcome! Thanks

From Wikipedia:

he Eldar grew in bodily form slower than Men, but in mind more swiftly. They learned to speak before they were one year old; and in the same time they learned to walk and to dance, for their wills came soon to the mastery of their bodies. Nonetheless there was less difference between the two Kindreds, Elves and Men, in early youth; and a man who watched elf-children at play might well have believed that they were the children of Men, of some fair and happy people. (Laws and Customs among the Eldar)

Well, Roleplay Online has a number of pictures of children, and I imagine some avatar sites do too. SXC has tons of pictures, as is to be expected. Also, anime seem to have a lot of children in them, so Google would turn up some pictures if you know what you're looking for.

That's a Tolkien elf which != D&D elf, there is a considerable difference in ability, growth rate, and life span. A good source might be to look at children's books on Amazon or B& You could also use pictures of halflings to sub for elves.

Or you could just use Yahoo to find

Something Like this

or This

or This

or Maybe This, yeah, it's not technically an elf nor is she particularly young looking but DMAC is the godlike when it comes to this kind of thing (He's done stuff for Mutants and Masterminds and D20 World of Warcraft)

Elves are supposed to be childlike by tradition so you'll see a good many out there. Granted most are pseudo anime but I didn't promise perfection

I did a complete search of google images for elf, child, children, elven, young, teenager, adolescent, halfling, fantasy and all possible combinations of that, also stumbling upon those you linked to, but I can't find a suitable one

Think something like this one, but younger. I am trying to avoid anime and half-finished pictures.

Thanks for help so far, my crusade continues!

Originally Posted by Undead Pillager View Post
Think something like this one, but younger. I am trying to avoid anime and half-finished pictures.
It needs a password.

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