Egad, not another arena game!

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Egad, not another arena game!

Arena of Ascension - Forum
Dungeons & Dragons 3.5e
Ad Closes: Jan 31 '12
Estimated Members Requested: 99

Instead of just another arena, we actually prefer to think of ourselves as The Arena. Arena of Ascension has been running continuously since March 2009, and (as far as I know) we are the largest game on Myth-Weavers in terms of post count. That's right: For almost three years now, and through more than 1,200 battles, the hardworking optimizers of Myth-Weavers have been able to enjoy untold amounts of glee by fighting their fellow gladiators in a race to ascend to godhood.*

But as with most PbP games, players come and go. Throughout the years we have hosted around fifty different players from time to time. At the moment we are down to just 8 players. And though they represent some of the most bloodthirsty and violent minds to be found on Myth-Weavers, we find ourselves still in need of more foes on which to test our skills.

So if high powered, gestalt arena action sounds like your cup of tea, check out the Main Arena Ruleset and start building a gladiator. Perhaps mosey over to the gladiator thread and check out your competition.

Or, if those guys seem a little too insane for your tastes, why not check out our new sub-arena: Proving Grounds. The rules are a little more flexible in some spots, but overall the sub-arena is meant to be lower powered.

If you have always wanted to try out a Half-Dragon Monk || Rogue, the Proving Grounds might be just the place for you. But if you've been tinkering around with a Monster of Legend Insectile Voidmind Anthropormorphic Monkey || Archivist / Sacred Exorcist, then the Main Arena is probably going to be just the spot for you!

Feel free to post questions or comments here or in the Green Room. More than likely the other gladiators will stop by at some point to egg you on, as I know they are all eager for some fresh meant.

*Godhood not guaranteed. "Untold glee" may have certain unsavory side effects, including but not limited to nausea, paralysis, murderous musings, and echolalia.

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I just want to extend an invitation to everyone out there looking for a fight.

Come at me, bro.

The gauntlet has been thrown!

I give lessons

Ith occasionally gives lessons too. If you want to learn this is truly the place to do it

Indeed. I've actually learned tons about optimization over the last few years. And I'm happy to pass along the acquired knowledge to anyone interested.

No published LA, so not really viable. Plus, incorporeality is heavily nerfed in the arena already.


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