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Hey. I saw some of your work and it looks amazing, so I thought about getting more personalized view into my Human Oracle. Yet, I suck at painting with any tool(whether it would be pencil, acrylic or PC), so I am looking for more experienced help.

Race: Human
Sex: Male
Height/weight (approximate numbers are good): 6'11", 210 lbs. Fit, but not very muscly.
Age (adolescent/adult/elderly will do): 36. Has some experience in his eyes but still looks like a brash child.
Class/Type/Profession/what-it-do: Great Guildmaster of newly created Village, Warleader in case of emergency.
Hair style/color: Black, short straight hair style. Full Goatee((Something like this))
Eye color: Blue

Name(for reference): Mandor Retrix ((Ignore the image I have there, it's just an emergency one for now and I want him to look different.))
Attitude: When he walks around, you can see an aura of self-confidence emanating from him. Though he's lame with his left leg, he ignores the difficulties and proudly enters any room.
History: Mandor was lame from birth, but his parents taught him to overcome any difficulty through invention. Soon enough, the kid made himself small wooden support for his left leg. During his adolescence, a war happened in his nation, and he was enlisted into one of many Knightly Orders of Iomedae as page. Though he was lame, he never was late and he never needed to run up to be in order with others. Soon, his powers as an Oracle appeared and after the war, in which he succesfully acted both as soldier and leader, he was enlisted in King's Service. A few months ago, he and few of his friends set sail for a new lands and now he's like new Columbus - ready to assimilate new lands for the good of king.
Specific Equipment: Adamantine Battleaxe, which sparkles with electricity and force.((I like this design but I think the engraving on blade is unnecessary.
This +2 heavy steel shield is fashioned to appear to be a roaring lion's head. - Taken from Description
Lion's Shield
Mithril Full Plate, but Mandor likes to hide it under clerical robe. It should contain Iomedae's symbol
No Helmet. You can see some diamond dust peeking out from Spell Component Pouch, which is tied to belt.
Setting: Golarion.

I can't find a picture to show similar pose but I am thinking about one of his past times. The siege of yet another town. Mandor walks up in front of his army, weapons ready, and commands a charge in a heroic fashion: His right hand and battleaxe is raised forwards, like he would show a way for people to charge, left hand with shield pretty loose up, and you can read from his face how hard he's shouting "CHARGE!".

If you're still taking requests I'd love one?

Name: Asher "Lord of Bone"
Race: Human
Has hollow sunken eyes, an angered stern face, he should be about 30-40 but with a world weary expression.

Unlike most Necromancers- he is equipped heavily for battle.

His armor should be almost space marine like- thick and bulky and made entirely out of bone segments of animals and men. I imagine his breastplate would be a dragons skull without the elongated snout typical of dragons. His shoulder guards would be a larger animals shoulders, bare arms. His midriff should be bare.

His legs are encased in heavy bone armor.

He carries another large creatures face plate as his Bone Shield. His sword is segmented, sharpened and serrated bone- three separate pieces with a femur hilt.

His head is encased by a lions maw skull - forced and held open.

The overall effect should be bulky, tough. He is muscley and well built.

The detail is pretty crazy I imagine so take your time. Perhaps he could also have two skeletal minions at his feet?

Do you draw Ghouls of the Fallout kind? If so, I'd really appreciate it if you could draw this character of mine for me:

Bloody Mess, always one of my favorites. A ghoul will be fine, I'll see what I can do. =]

I don't see a height on the application, though. How tall is he?

Oh, sorry. Hmm... 5'11"

Centaure: Rennil's sketch. He doesn't really look half-elven, but that's because I suspected you only made him half-elf to qualify for Skylord. =p If you want any changes let me know.

Hello! Well, since the Urban Arcana game I joined crashed, I'd like a drawing of another Urban Arcana I intend to play if I can, at any point, whether online or offline, find a DM. Pretty please?

Race: Elf.
Sex: Female.
Height/Weight: Something like 1m70 for 70 Kg (I'm using the International system, sorry if it bothers you).
Age: Young (for an elf anyway.)
Class: Dedicated Heroine/Acolyte of Pelor
Hair style; combed, but that's about it. Colour: Blonde.
Eye colour: Gold.

Name: Soveliss
Attitude: polite.
Equipment: a riot shield and a type IV body armor (the heaviest armor worn by the SWAT, like this, but without Police written on it... helmet included, a holy symbol of Pelor, a magic rapier, a backpack, a gas mask, but not on the face, instead put on the belt (these things should give spot and listen penalties, it's hard to see a thing in them).
Setting: Urban Arcana.
Pose: Battle pose.

Thank you in advance!

1.Race: Human
2.Sex: Female
3.Height/weight: 5"4/102 lbs
4.Age: 16
5.Class/Type/Profession/what-it-do: Artificer/Gunslinger
6.Hair style/color: Mid length/ light blue
7.Eye color: No eyes anymore, magic replaced them with blue fire

What helps: I don't mind guessing these things, but I'd prefer you provide them.
1.Name: Yuna D'Orien
2.Attitude: Spoilt yet kind, expects alot from others but isnt afraid to pay well for their work
3.History: Daughter of a rich and powerful family she ran away from home to gain her own name and money, but still finds the chance to rely on daddy dearest sometimes
4.Specific Equipment (I <3 drawing equipment): (Good) Two flintlock style pistols with tradgedy masks on the handles, in holsters worked into her armour, her goggles hold back the majority of her fringe and the left goggle piece is covered by a monocle contraption around her neck she wears a sigil of the traveller her god
5.Setting: Eberron 3.5 d&d
6.Pose: Possibly stood with her green crystal elemental that looks like a jaguar
7.Reference images. Pistols Masks Elemental Monocle armour religious sigil8.The more the better
TO MY FELLOW ARTISTS: If you want to turn this into an art trade, you're always welcome to draw him. You can post it in this thread if you want. =D : .... ill try but i aint promising a miracle ok?


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