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Originally Posted by Tyoka View Post
Mordae: I put Allanath in tights to emphasize his sleek musculature. If you'd rather he wear pants, please let me know. =P Also, the runes on the basket hilt will be more noticeable in paint. Did you want a wiry basket hilt or a solid one like the one I drew? Sorry the tip of his sword got cut off. D= It's pointed though. Were you wanting some design on the breastplate? And did you want the helmet? I can draw a helmet on a separate layer and give you both images if you want.

Pose: I was thinking the viewer would be looking down his sword at him in a martial stance. Since the braided hair is so short, it's hard to make it show up without the use of wind.
The solid handguard is very close to what I was expecting; I like it. I hadn't really thought much about a helmet. For the stance pose, though, I might like to see it. I'm thinking something along the lines of this ( though with perhaps a more fearsome chinguard to make up for the astonishingly un-vikinglike lack of facial hair that betrays his elven heritage

The breastplate is fine as is without runes. I'm torn on whether I would want him in a chain shirt underneath as would be typical with a breastplate--doing so would obscure the awesome musculature you've drawn. So I think leave it as is. Perhaps maybe just a hair more breadth to the shoulder guards?

Agree with the braid, no need to make it go flying. The only realistic way (aside from deus ex anima) would be to show him in the middle of a cut, such that the braid is twisting opposite his swinging arc.

Kisaragi seems a good base. wilder hair instead of smoothly going to a point (if possible) I am looking forward to what ideas you have

Still hoping I can get in on this because I have been hoping to get this character a pic. So cool that you do this.

At minimum: these are things I don't like guessing.
Race: Human ish, technically a man bound to an old spirit.
Sex: Male
Height/weight (approximate numbers are good): 6' 3" and in lean physical shape. I don't know what that would be in pounds.
Age (adolescent/adult/elderly will do): Adult, 28
Class/Type/Profession/what-it-do: Adventurer and modern day action hero. Think Nathan Drake from Uncharted mixed with Cole Mcgrath from Infamous
Hair style/color: Hair is dirty blond slightly wild hair. Consider it professionally styled.
Eye color: Steel Blue

What helps: I don't mind guessing these things, but I'd prefer you provide them.
Name(for reference): Taylor Roads (Yep, the guy from the web series. He was an Rp character first.)
Attitude: Easy going stoic.
History: Short version, When he was in his early twenties his wife and young daughter were killed in a car crash that left Taylor mortally wounded. A spirit decided to save him but the cost was he became something in-between the world of mortals and the supernatural. Now he travels, fighting the battles no one else will. Going to the places too dangerous for normal explorers. Standing up to the vampire lords and the werewolf packs.
Specific Equipment (I <3 drawing equipment): Usual wear is a black short sleeved t-shirt, jeans, and a shoulder bag. His right arm is covered in bandages with his wrist and hand being taped like a boxer's. His left arm has a spiraling tattoo running down it. He also wears a pair of wedding rings on a necklace.
Setting: For the final picture I would love to see him in a walking down a lonely road. Either at noon in a desert or at night on a city street.
Pose: Walking or just standing is fine, depending on how crazy you want to be with action throw him up against any cool big monster you want. Always nice to see Taylor kicking ass or getting his ass kicked.
Reference images.

That's pretty much it. If you can do this it would mean a lot.

Man, look at that list grow. o____o

Mordae: What about outside chainmail? So the inside of his arms will be visible, but the outside will be covered in chain.

Also, if I ever write up a Viking class, I'm going to make one of the requirements "Special: BIG BUSHY BEARD!"

rob98926: Jin Kisaragi was actually a joke. =P I'm a big fan of Guilty Gear/Blazblue, so when I hear Jin I immediately think "<3 NII-SAAAAN!!<3".

Grimgordragon: Is there any way you want the old spirit to be represented?

Kaeso: No name is necessary. =] And Vega is just making a hand gesture.

Originally Posted by Tyoka View Post
Mordae: What about outside chainmail? So the inside of his arms will be visible, but the outside will be covered in chain.

Also, if I ever write up a Viking class, I'm going to make one of the requirements "Special: BIG BUSHY BEARD!"
If you can make it look awesome, go for it.

Also, agree on the Viking class.

A living shadow coming from him would be cool. Not anything totally RAR but just a shadow that is different from him.

Cool to see I got in on this. Thanks

Mordae: I've got a start on the face. I'm going to keep working on it the rest of the day, but I thought I would stop and see if you had any thoughts about the direction I'm taking this. I usually draw my male characters pretty and girl, so masculine-manly-sneering characters are new to me. Any suggestions at this point on what you want to see?

Hmm... he's a half-elf, so I would think a bit more squareness to the jawline and a touch more fullness to the lips. Perhaps the mouth might look better in a snarl--less open lips, more compressed tightness and facial muscle tension. I'm digging the eyes and eyebrows.

Is it me, or is his hair cocked relative to his face? There seems to be a lot more temple on the left side than right.

It's not just you. =P I haven't really started on the hair. How am I suppose to highlight something so bright. D=

Made some progress. What do you think of the pose?

I'm having some trouble picturing the mouth expression you described, could you give me a sample picture of someone making the expression?


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