Adventurers needed.

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Adventurers needed.

Seeking Aragoth - Forum
Estimated Members Requested: 6

King Landis decrees that adventurers are needed to seek out the Lost city of Aragoth. Those willing to undertake this journey will be granted their weight in gold. The only lead he has is a scrap of an old map that he found in his days as a conquerer. The King seeks all adventurers willing to seek out the legendary city.
This is going to be Gurps Fantasy game.
Characters are built on 250 points with -75 disadvantages and and additional -5 in quirks. I have several people already interested in the game, but I am opening it up to anyone wanting to try it.

Base Tech Level is 3. No one has higher tech that that.
Wealth is the base starting wealth for tech level 3, modified by your wealth.

Basic, Magic, Thaumaturgy, Fantasy, Fantasy Folk, Dragons, and Low Tech.

No super attributes, powers or the like.
Magery is capped at 3.
Breaking down magery into titles: Apprentice(Aspirant) level 0, Journeyman(Lay Healer) level 1, Adept(Priest) level 2, Master(Head Priest) level 3.

Game Description:

The World is one kingdom, and the bad lands. The king is immortal. His rule has been just for centuries. Two years ago, the king decreed that scouts would venture into the bad lands looking for an ancient city known as Aragoth.

In the past two years, starting the day that the scouts left the kingdom, orcs and goblins have been attacking from the badlands. Some 'scholars' have said that the king angered the gods and now his subjects pay for it.

The adventurers of the kingdom are broken down into scouts, knights, scholars, and rogues. Each depending on his weapon of choice and any talents he might have.

The gods of the kingdom are:
The King - Landis, the eternal.
The Shadow - Lashale, the hidden.
The Wraith - Gorin, the hunter.
The Scholar - Vena, the teacher.
The assassin - Dragon, the shadow walker.
The healer - Unicorn, the kind.
The watcher - Vani, the guide.

Most everyone follows the King, a few that actually worship him do so by upholding his wishes to the utmost.

Lashale is the god of rogues, good, neutral and evil.

Gorin is the god of the hunt and all things that move though the world with a single purpose. God of hunters of all types, a few assassins follow him.

Vena is the Goddess of learning and magic. She has some healers that follow her but most are those that study magic that has nothing to do with healing, nicknamed, Lady BOOM.

Dragon was an assassin in the early days of the world, every assassin knows of him and know the myth that he never died, that he is out in the world somewhere looking for a successor.

Unicorn is the goddess of healing, she appears as a beautiful woman in silken robes or polished plate. She governs the healing arts.

Vani is the only god that does nothing. She does not interfere with mortals, she records all their deeds. It is said that her books are what brings about the judgement at the end of a person's life.

Prime, Shadow, Light.
Fire, Air, Eath, Wather, Heavens, Hells

Not really something witty. Its just something.
If anyone has questions, I will be glad to answer them. I will wait for a few days to make my selections. If enough people apply, I might run two groups.

Having just been re-reading Magic and Thaumatology, I'm keen to play, for sure. Will have a character up in the other thread some time today, I'm sure.

Question: Any issues with combining roles a bit? I'd not be averse to playing a rogue, but one who has dabbled in the magical arts a bit...

had someone else ask that. No problem at all. I do not expect every person to be purely a single class. I want the players to make a character that can survive on his own if he/she needs to.

The references of knight and such are simply the rough name for a character that prefers to fight from the front lines. A scholar is someone that studies ancient tomes, a rogue is someone that knows a bit more about traps and theivery than sword play. A scout is your basic ranger type, he can get up there and fight in the front, but prefers to rain attacks from a distance, till he can not anymore.


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