Operation: First Breach

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Operation: First Breach

Operation: First Breach - Forum
Star Wars Saga - Clone Wars
Ad Closes: Jan 24 '12
Estimated Members Requested: 5

Setting: This is set during the Clone Wars and the players will be playing soldiers on the side of the Republic. They will be specially recruited troops, not clones, for a dangerous infiltration mission on the planet Tirahnn. The PC's will be deep in Separatist territory. Characters can expect to encounter various battle droids, creatures, and heavy military vehicles.

Characters: I am looking for five level 3 characters. 12,000 starting credits. As already stated none will be clone warriors. I will accept one force user, but I would prefer all non-force users. Use the rules stated in the core book to create characters. Point buy or roll is excepted. Select only the species that are for the Clone Wars era. No Gungans or Jawas. Rolls go here. Applications go here.

New players, both to MW and Saga, are welcome to apply. I give everyone a fair chance. Put good effort into you application and everyone has the same chance regardless of post count/time in MW. If you are new check out the MW Guides. Lots of good advice there.

Accepted Books: Star Wars Saga Edition Core, The Clone Wars Campaign Guide, Scum and Villainy, Knights Of The Old Republic, Star Ships, and Galaxy at War. No other sources excepted.

About the GM: I have been a player in one of the longest running Star Wars games on MW since 2008. I have been the
That's the GM for all you commie mutants out there.
UV for several Paranoia games which were played to completion. I have run two other Saga games on MW. The
My first attempt at GM'ing
first was a horrible failure. The second went much better. It has been several years since I GM'ed a Saga game, but I am ready to try my hand at it again. I am starting to have dreams of Alpha Complex!

What I expect from Players: Post rate for the game should be around one post per day, minus saturdays and sundays. If you are unable to post just let us know. Don't just disappear. I am very lenient with players who just communicate with the other players and me of their real world situations. If you just disappear I get annoyed fast and will kick you out without a second thought. If I disappear I'm either in the hospital, dead, or my computer blew up!

I think that's it. Have questions? Ask!


Nasdaq- Brax Kel Incomplete- no sheet

kbrn62- Murphy Hunter Complete

xannelson- Caiden You have a +4 for Int. This means you get 4 additional languages. Complete

areix- Bartholameau "Boomer" GatrostComplete

Hisage- Kiros Vak You don't have your Starting Feats listed. Combustion talent was taken from a book not listed above. Please select another talent from the books listed. Armor Level should be 3 for your Fort, Reflex, and Will. Complete

MonjiO Druan Serasai Complete

spazz451 Arriwrribecca (Arri) Complete

kryvnus Adabolo Zen-ka Your sheet is private. You at least have to give me permission to see it!

Yobun Takrea "Tak" Complete

yohanredde Macc Redde Complete

Valiyn Seriyn Vale "Seri"Complete

goatboy01 Kolosha Ordo Complete

Game Description:

Star Wars
Operation: First Breach

It is a time of desperation for the Galactic Republic. Separatist forces have captured the planet Terahnn, shutting down a major source of much-needed resources along the Perlemian Trade Route.

Sensing the urgency of the situation, the Republic has prepared an invasion force to liberate the Planet. The Separatist forces present a daunting front, and more than brute force is necessary for victory.

In order to ensure victory, the Republic has prepared a plan to soften the planet's defenses ahead of the invasion. This strike team will be the first to breach the Separatists' defenses, and will make way for the liberation of the world...

If I woke up, you'd all vanish.

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That was fast! I was thinking about doing something like this for my home group and I'm pretty excited. Mind if I ask why so few books are allowed?

Those are the ones I have!

Edit: Oops. I forgot I have Knights of The Old Republic as well. I will edit the ad.

Hooo doggy!

I love Special Ops in Star Wars.

Perhaps it is time for my Arkanian battle scientist.... Think Mordin Solus from Mass Effect 2.

This looks like certain fun. Someday I will learn how to play SW and not miss games like this.

Originally Posted by TgtBR View Post
This looks like certain fun. Someday I will learn how to play SW and not miss games like this.
You have to start somewhere. All newcomers welcome!

My favorite time in Star Wars, combined with Force-light...it's like heaven. I generally prefer to play the Heavy Weapons guys and the like, kinda tossing up between a couple different versions, I think considering the game I'll probably go with my "Demolitionist" Soldier/Scout.


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