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Contacts- Individuals in a Group

Contacts- Individuals in a Group

I've been having trouble trying to work out how to stat out my contacts for my character and was wondering if anyone could help. My character's girlfriend is a Go-ganger so makes a useful contact and obviously she'd bring a connection to the gang too. Presumably if I list the gang that'll include the girlfriend, but on her own she'd be more loyal but less connected? Would you list them separately, or take the higher scores (i.e. the gang's connections and the girlfriend's loyalty?)

Contacts are normally individuals, so you'd just put down the girlfriend. I'd discuss with the GM how he wants to handle access to a group like that if they're also your character's contacts. I'm only directly familiar with the main book, though. If there are rules for groups as contacts in one of the supplements, put the girlfriend as your contact, then figure the rest of the gang as a separate entity.

Thanks, I'd assumed that would be the way to do it, but it felt a bit clunky for some reason, so I thought I'd see what others thought.

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