Crux Europa: Lionhearts [Hex-grid Tactical Combat]

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Crux Europa: Lionhearts [MISSION 1 START!]

Crux Europa: Lionhearts - Forum
Estimated Members Requested: 1

The following information is for the Main Campaign of Crux Europa. We are no longer recruiting for it at the moment, however slots may open from mission to mission for new players. Check back often and send a message to CruxCommand if you are interested!


Advance Wars meets Valkyria Chronicles, but with each player controlling their own individual squad. Death is assured.

Maybe elaborate a little bit more?

You are each leaders of a fire team in the Eighth Motorized Rifles (The Lionhearts) of the Cendrian volunteer military. This campaign will focus on the actions of the Lionhearts as they battle across the Eastern Front to defend their homeland from foreign agressors. Each mission will take place across a hex-grid map where you will issue commands to your unit and then watch the results play out in turn-based tabletop combat. If you survive, you will be able to progressively upgrade your units and carve out your own slice of history in the Hall of Honor!

...No but seriously, you're just going to die face-down in a ditch. For Cendria!

The Bullethazard System

The mechanics and much of the flavor of this game is based on a modification of a popular and long-running series of imageboard adventures named Skirmish Quest. The most recent incarnation of Skirmish Quest, called Iron Hearts, is in many ways a spiritual precursor to Crux Europa. Due thanks and recognition is owed to the man called Monday, creator and owner of Skirmish Quest. It is through his blessing that I bring Crux Europa to you today. Browse the history of Iron Hearts through the link above if you wish! Don't be too hasty to assume that everything will apply here as well however. This is a brand new setting and a modification of those rules.

Everything you will need to play the system is provided right here.

So what kind of applications are we looking for?

The application process is going to be quite simple.

In terms of dedication, I want to know that you're ready to invest some time at the rate of about 1 combat post/day for at least the course of the first mission. That mission might be over in about a week or two. After that if you stay or leave isn't any particular concern, recruitment is likely to come around again every time I find we need players. Bullethazard doesn't require that everyone who plays be a dedicated member of the roster! As time goes on we will likely have raw recruits and grizzled veterans alike fighting alongside each other. Such is the nature of war.

I'll probably be selecting somewhere between 8 and 12 applications on a first come, first served basis. Feel free to discuss rules and setting questions and unit selection in the thread. Once I've made my picks we'll begin immediately, the first mission is already ready to go!

Shut up and tell me how to begin!

I don't want involved backstories or elaborate descriptions. You're not heroes, not special snowflake adventurers going to slay some dragon. You are merely dogs, fodder for the machine of war as viewed through the lens of this alternative dieselpunk WW2 scenario, and you'll live and die as such. Pick any one of the five unit options below to indicate your squad's specialty (or if a Chausseur, your individual fate as a scout-marksman). Copy and paste the Unit Card, and in the blank underlined field pick a name for the Corporal/Lieutenant/Specialist who is your avatar. If you feel the desire, add a paragraph or two describing any particular quirks or noticeable traits about your squad or the squad leader. The purpose of this is to allow you and your fellow soldiers to feel a superficial bond of camaraderie prior to your untimely and unpoetic death by blind artillery fire (Probably friendly).

Congratulations, you've built yourself a squad. Don't get too attached!

Specialized soldiers and Armored vehicles will be unlocked over the course of the campaign, if you're lucky enough to last that long. (Spoiler: You won't.) Not to worry though, assuming the war doesn't get too screwed up by your collective inevitable failures, you can just pick up with another squad of green recruits at the start of the next mission.


Political Map of Europa, c. 939 d.a.

Spring, 940 d.a.

The Machine-State has made it's move. Mechanized forward elements of the Wulf and Hunder Divisions, supported by crushing aerial superiority, stream across the lightly-defended borders of the Free Principalities and sweep south, bypassing the stiff defense line of the Cendrian Eastern border. Already the 11th and 13th Cendrian Border divisions are in danger of being encircled.

The Cendrian 8th Division Motorized Rifles ("The Lionhearts"), are tasked with holding off the forward elements of the Orlon Wulf Brigade as it races to cut off the retreat of the 11th and 13th Infantry divisions. This area of land across the border of the Free Principalities borders the Abrient Fen, territory that Valtic legions have fought and bled over for centuries. Battle is met in the morning as the Wulf Brigade comes across the Lionheart's hastily built fortifications at the site of the triumphal arc of a long-dead Valtic general.

Game Description:

\ˈkrəks, ˈkru̇ks\
1: a puzzling or difficult problem : an unsolved question
2: an essential point requiring resolution or resolving an outcome
3: a main or central feature

They call it The Coil. A festering wound at the heart of the continent of Europa, countless generations of mankind have shed endless rivers of blood to control the raw resources that are cast into the world from the void of this abyss. To control the Coil is to control the fate of Europa. Dynasties rise and fall in time to the heartbeat of the land, and every few years the earth shudders and weeps magma as the Coil rearranges the land in every direction. Then the profiteers emerge, eager to claim resources and drink in the rewards.

The most recent eruption was nearly as long ago as the dark fate of the last nation to try to dictate the flow of Ebontium. Fifty years before the present day, the signing of the Lysian Pact ended hostilities between the Lavathian Combine and the Machine-State of Orlon and created the new nation of Cendria, the first Republic to inherit the ashes at the center of the continent following yet another catastrophic resource war.

But Cendria has flourished nonetheless, and with the timing of the Coil's next eruption long overdue the powerful nations of Europa are again focusing their gaze inward at the heart of the continent.

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[V] Cpl. Radcliffe

Oi chaps and chapesses, time for a spot of the old warfare, eh? Blood and vinegar fellows, blood and vinegar! Let's show these unruly scoundrels whatfor

Lionhearts II: Electric Boogaloo

But wait, there's more!

I am currently seeking a ready and willing adjutant (read: Co-GM) who is willing to screw around with Photoshop (that is a requirement!) and help me run a parallel Multiplayer Team Deathmatch-style series of side missions. Essentially it would be like this: After we've finished (or just gotten started) with the map in the primary Campaign, we'll set up the same map but for a two-sided PvP conflict. The objective will be to have a fun and relaxed PvP experience. To this end, there won't be any unit advancement in the PvP game-side, and the formerly-NPC forces will likely have different unit access then in the campaign for balance's sake.

Just a chance to re-enact the battle and experience the enemies' side of the conflict with their units. If we run out of volunteers for the Cendrians, maybe the promise of no-strings experience will sway them... anyway, that's just details.

I'll provide all of the necessary unit sheets and starting scenario, and then this co-GM would merely adjudicate turns as they go. No need for "story events" or any hasty improvisation, the Bullethazard rules used by Crux Europa are intended to be completely free of wiggle-room if interpreted right. Just draw explosions and push markers around until one side concedes, then start up the next match.

There's no rush to do this if people are hesitant and want to see the game in action before committing. I'd like to hear if anyone's tentatively interested however.

I have a rules question-what exactly does going prone do? It says "+1 to defense", but units do not appear to have a "Defense" stat.

Originally Posted by Demented View Post
I have a rules question-what exactly does going prone do? It says "+1 to defense", but units do not appear to have a "Defense" stat.
Good question.

Unit "defense" amounts to a modified situational bonus or penalty to the Hit rating of an enemy shooting at that unit. For example: Say you are Prone (This amounts to a [-1] penalty to the Hit rating of any shots directed at them), and also hidden in hard cover such as ruin or crumbling fortification (another [-1]). If a rifleman opened fire on you, he would have a total of [-2] applied to his shooting roll.

These modifiers will be calculated by Command when relevant actions are attempted. I'll direct your gaze to the Combat Modifiers section of page 5 of the Crux Europa game manual for other things which might give Defense bonuses (or penalties!):

[F] Cpl. MacManus
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Originally Posted by Soapless View Post
[O] Lt. Scrubson
Rifles: [ ][ ]-[ ][ ]-[ ][ ]
Flank ( )
Heal( )

Goddammit I swamped with paperwork! My clerk just got shot and the unit is still in the red and under-supplied! Why the hell did I quit my job at the bank...
Lieutenant Scrubson, fix yourself!

Flank and Heal are both unlimited usage abilities, and therefore should not have hollow parentheses next to them. Those are meant to track usage for non-replenishable actions, while brackets are for ammunition (assuming reload is available). If you wish to keep those abilities listed on your Unit Card in case you somehow might forget that they exist, then so be it.

Be aware that it will appear on your service record however.

[O] Lt. Macfinnigus "Finnie"
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[C] Cpl. Sharpe
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[C] Cpl. Sharpe
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