Among the Stars: Episode 1, Part 2 The Levosche Conspiracy

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Among the Stars: Episode 1, Part 2 The Levosche Conspiracy

Among the Stars - Forum
Mutants and Masterminds
Estimated Members Requested: 4

This will be a MnM 3rd edition game played over a series of story arcs. The first arc is about the character's rise to the status of heroism. As per the interest check earlier, the mood and theme will be grim and wrought with obscurities, where good humor is the best strategy to keep one's mind intact. I haven't put much thought into the setting itself, but I have layed some ground rules as far as the game mechanics go.

***About the Game***

-To start out, characters will be PL 5 with 75 Power Points and 25 Equipment points.

-Any and all character concepts will be considered and responded to. I'm not specifying an exact number of desired players because I personally dislike being rejected for games and happen to know the attrition rate of "Less than Enthusiastic" players tends to sort itself out.

-Origins of actual "Super Powers" will only be accepted if they have a background in line with the sci-fi setting. For example, lighting someone aflame from a distance can be done either through Pyrokinesis, a Nano-Robotic Utility fog, or your ability to spray incendiary chemicals onto them.

-I'll ask that all applicants outline the species template they use to create an alien race, in case another applicant wants to play the same race (for whatever reason). As a result of the Races already made, you can also choose to play one of them.

-Acceptance will be rolling. I'd like to think I know the difference between a bad character and a good character, but you certainly won't be accepted until your character's Race, Appearance, Background, Abilities, and Character Sheet are completed.

-Humans will not be allowed. If you post a human character, you will be asked to change the character's race.

Presently recorded Races and their Templates are Here

Applications go Here

***About the GM***

-I have been Role-Playing for about 8 years now and still consider myself relatively new.

-I also have a massive background in Customer Service which means your application will not get an outright "no". I do intend to work with players and their quirks, but if you don't intend on trying, just leave, for everyone's sake.

-My background in Play-By-Post extends about 6 years and I've been known to be a fantastically lazy GM. My current players are awesomely patient and I'd like to thank them again for it.

-Having that said, I have little patience for impatience. If you have a problem with another player, bring it up with them first or me if the problem is in fact, with me. I prefer to solve problems quickly and effectively, and will suffer no drama over having to compromise.

Game Description:

The galaxy is in a state of termoil, as anyone could expect. An ancient empire that lived in peace for centuries has decided to 'share' the peace they enjoyed for so long. Under the rule of the young Eugene Bromium, the Thaladine Empire has embarked on a bloody campaign that threatens to engulf the galaxy whole. Planet after planet has already fallen to Thaladine's forces, and you are among those effected.

Whether among the denizens already conquered, or a soldier about to face the enemy head on, you've recognized one thing. This war must be stopped, if the shadow behind these events is to be confronted.

*brain goes blank once he hits the race template part and the no humans part*

Any reason, aside from the fact that current day humans have no real way of traveling too distant inhabitable planets with out the pilots dieing before getting there, that humans are not allowed?

It is actually because this is a space Sci-Fi story Featuring creative uses of alien abilities and traits becoming as varied as the characters themselves. Humans in such a game always detract from that. Even in Farscape, the only human in the show turned out to be the main character and the primary hero, which makes for a fantastic story, don't get me wrong. But singling a player out for such special attention makes for a horrible role-playing experience. And sure, I could make the attempt to make Humans "just another alien species" like Mass Effect tried to, but they failed miserably and I'm too lazy to even try.

I appologize if you happen to disagree with this, but I intend for everyone (Including myself) to have fun here.

Not at all, I was just wondering why humans were off the map. My main confusion came from the race templates, as I have some how either over looked them or never ran into them.

That's actually why there are so few races up so far. There are plenty of races, only three of the applicants actually outlined the template that makes them what they are. I'm considering doing some research and trying to come up with the templates myself, merely because I'm seeing it as a serious problem.

All you need to do is just create some traits as a base for a race and then improve it for a unique character. I like to think that the race template is like how elves in dnd have +dex but -con and then you add a 28 point buy to them etc...

At least, that's what I did for Kai and the Phoenix race A template of basic Phoenix abilities and then added to it for my character to use

If it helps, try downloading the trial version of Hero lab.

You can build characters up using it then, although you can't save it (that's special for customers who bought it). But you can spend time fiddling around with the points and plan a character out.


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