In Search of 2 Lords

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In Search of 2 Lords

The 7 Realms - Forum
Dungeons & Dragons 3.5e
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Good Day,

This game is a rescued game and I'm the replacement DM. Two player's dropped during the down time, and I need to replace them. The concept of this game is that you're a lord and you're ruling a realm.

On the positive side, the game didn't go on long before there was down time so you'll get to choose one of two realms for yourself to develope allies, trade, climate, races, and etc... for.


If your character is accepted I will work with you to further develope your realm. There are 2 realms currently available and both happen to possess coast lines.

You can read about submitting applications, here.

If you wish to roll for attributes, roll here

Chosen applicants will be selected on Monday, January 31st.

If you've any issues, comments, questions, concerns, or interest? Feel free to post a reply to this ad.

Game Description:

Welcome, lords all to the land of your birthright, the 7 Realms of the west. Know ye that you have come into your own at a most auspicious time, the king doth grow weary of the ineptitude of the lords of his realm and now drives them to survive on their own merit rather than imperial favour. This has caused many of the less astute lords to harbour certain resentments towards the king, forced to defend their realms and provide the king with their services rather than fritter away their time with idle pleasantries but with the might of his army still loyal the king reigns supreme and will brook no dissent.

To take command of a realm now is to walk a fine edge between death and glory as each lord vies to either prove himself worthy above all others or discredit those around him, some few seek to work together in common interest to better their lands and themselves, yet others seek to tear down and take from their neighbors what little they have to ensure their own survival against yet more powerful foes.

Will you be a saviour or a sinner? A lord of justice or tyranny? Only time will tell.

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What's your opinion on the Truenaming fix that Kyeudo made on GITP? Always wanted to play a Truenamer, but their magic is a trainwreck :/

I'm veeeery interested in this.
I'd like to play a caster or gish of some sort...
Perhaps a Warblade 1/Wizard 5/Eldritch Knight 2/Abjurant Champion 5/Eldritch Knight 8, as a theoretical build if this ever progresses that far? So at the time this game starts, I would be just Warblade 1/Wizard 5?

No Wizard cheese, I promise. :P

EDIT: WHOOPS, I only now noticed that Wizards aren't allowed... Is it due to balance issues or simply not fit for the setting?
Anyway, I would play a Factotum instead, if Wizard really isn't allowed.

Interesting :+), I'll have a thought about it.
Which realms areas are still up for grabs?, it helps if I know the name of it, so I can brainstorm as to the reason of its name.

I'm totally in. Expect an application thread to appear tonight!

There seem to be two open areas, with no names or details given. I think we're supposed to give names in our applications... I did... :/


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