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The Walking Dead

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Game Description:

Your running, near the brink of exhaustion but you keep running. Why didn't they keep up, why didn't they try harder? You turn the corner only to stop in your tracks. "All is lost" you think, as you come face to face with the flesh hungry maniacs, you can see the shadows of the ones chasing you down the way you came. Just as the closest decayed horrors reach for your tasty tasty flesh, your sprayed with blood and gore. "COME ON DON'T JUST STAND THERE" shouts a man with a rile in one hand the other extended toward you.

Such is life.... or rather unlife.

Welcome to the world of zombie survival.

As with all zombie games, survival is all there is to it, either you make it or you don't.

If you think you can handle the hoard continue on below, other wise you might want to avoid that darkened alleyway with all that blood and moaning.

The American Northwest beautiful vistas, forests for miles, mountain ranges, oh and did i mention infested with the reanimated remains of the dead? A group of survivors are on I-5 over the Columbia River with Vancouver to their backs, the dead have claimed the city as their own. Your only hope for survival is to keep moving, Portland is only a short ways away but it's not the only option. Where will you and the other survivors go? Kingsley Field is safe, or at least that's what the broadcasts were saying until they stopped.

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Whoweeeee. Walking Dead. Will this be leaning towards the show or graphic novel?

Either way, I have some interesting ideas.

I am thinking of a Chinese-American, former Triad member, who is now thinking of survival in a post apocalyptic world.

My apologies it's going to be leaning towards the show, however it will not be following the characters from the show. As a side note there will be special zombies thrown in from time to time to keep the game interesting rather then 5000 zombies it'll be 4999 zombies and a holy bejezzus zombie :P

Hm... I may just have to modify one of my existing concepts to fit. Setting is more or less modern earth with no bells and whistles?

Name: Doug Crenshaw
Pre-outbreak profession: Farmer and Rancher
Appearance: Doug has short brown hair stuffed under a sweat-stained blue and white baseball cap sporting the name of a pipeline company that doesn't exist any more. He has bright blue eyes with crow's feet, is rarely clean shaven but doesn't sport a beard. He has powerful looking legs under his dirty jeans, tanned arms and a hard round beer belly that stretches his brown Carhartt jacket.

A few questions:
Is that what you had in mind? Did you want it to be private? Did you want more mechanics in there or just concept like I delivered?

Also, I haven't watched the show yet so I'm a little behind on the background but I'll try to pick that up in the next little while.

Name: Saundra Michiyo
Pre-outbreak profession: Doctor
Appearance: Never much of of the blouse and skirt type, Saundra had always had her black hair tied back in a neat ponytail over her labcoat, long-sleeved compression shirt, and dress pants. A couple of fine lines have marked her grey-blue eyes from her late night and early morning research over her school years, even at the ripe old age of 26.

Despite her health condition, Saundra tries to keep fit with jogging and other forms of exercise, which if nothing else seems to contribute to her body shape here and there.

Why stick with Saundra? Well, who would you want to stick with when the zombie apocalypse hits, a doctor who can patch you up like the best of'em, or a gal who'll have your back with a knife and a baseball bat? Saundra's both.

I still need to pick equipment and figure out if she should be level 3.

I'll do the background and post-outbreak story tomorrow.


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