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MTG: The Kami War

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The Kami War
This plane, reminiscent of sengoku-era Japan, contains two symbiotic worlds. One is the utsushiyo, the material realm of mortals, and the other is the kakuriyo, the realm of the kami. For many hundreds of years, Kamigawa's denizens peacefully worshipped the spirits inherent in everything—spirits of sacred places, objects, and ideas.

Each of these kami was a divinity, and the way to happiness was to honor the kami and live by their ways. The inhabitants of Kamigawa were content with this life of devotion. Then the unimaginable happened: their gods turned on them.

Slowly at first, kami began to take form in the material world. Some scholars believed the kami were delivering a message or a warning. But their appearance was so alien, so surreal, that no meaning could be discerned.

At that time, the plane's most powerful warlord, the daimyo Takeshi Konda, ruled over the Towabara Plains from his stronghold at Eiganjo. But even as his armies and samurai secured more territory in Konda's name, the kami manifested in ever-greater numbers.

Then came a night that changed Kamigawa forever. A few miles from Eiganjo Castle, the kami set upon the town of Reito. Scores of spirit-world monstrosities swept through the town, killing nearly every living thing. Hundreds were slain; few survived. The Kami War had begun.

Over the next twenty years, spirits of every shape and size would descend on the plains, ravage everything in their path, then inexplicably stop just short of Eiganjo. Throughout this spirit-world siege, Konda remained within his stronghold, mysteriously safe from harm.

Kamigawa's people were left to wonder why the kami betrayed them even as they fought for survival. What had they done wrong? How could they discover why the kami were so angry? And what happens when a world must kill its own gods to survive?

In truth, it was the proud daimyo Konda who began the war. With aid from moonfolk allies, Konda kidnapped a kami to secure his own power and immortality. This outraged the great O-Kagachi, the kami of all things. Its ire began a struggle that would take countless lives.

Game Description:

A plane positioned far from any other world we know. The world of Kamigawa is governed by interplay between mortals and kami, minor gods or spirits of the world. However, when a part of the supreme kami, O-Kagachi, was stolen, the physical (utsushiyo) and spiritual (kakuriyo) worlds made war.

Exam Period for me will be away for a while...
It seems like this game is based on another game. What is it and do I need to know its rules in order to apply?

I'm familiar with the Kami War metaplot, but what is the plot of the party going to be?

@ Shiningbeard: Yes it is based off Magic the Gathering - Kamigawa block, but no you dont need to know its rules.

@Tsuyoshikentsu: I am planning it more as a sandbox game where the characters & character history will play a heavy role in shaping the over all plot of the metaplot. I'll be throwing in point where characters will have to make important allegance decisions that will also shape the "World", but I will never impose something as certain death as say the Hyozan reckoning. Hope that helped...

I'm expressing cautious interest. I haven't read any of the Kamigawa books, so I'm unfamiliar with how magic looks in them; I tend towards wizard characters, so that's sort of a issue. Though the setting almost makes me want to make a Yurie (of Kamichu! fame) inspired character for the freakout it would cause.

magic tends to be classed in two ways, either Kanji and sorcery...

Kanji is written symbology (general Japaness writing) on pretty much anything, while sorcery tends to be the more ritualistic magic.

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